Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa safari lodge is located in the centre of Murchison falls national park, north western Uganda region overlooking the best kept secret of nature in Uganda, that is, the Nile river, it is also not a long distance to the Murchison falls  and the albert delta; the point where the Nile joins into the rift valley lake, albert. Paraa safari lodge is managed by marasa Africa together with other safari lodges in almost all the national parks in Uganda and east Africa as a whole. Marasa Holdings Company limited is part and partial of the big madhvani group of companies.

Paraa safari lode is the unique fine mixture of comfortless, relaxation and adventure in the wilderness. It is referred as the gem of the Nile, the can physically unfold when you reach at the facility yourself in Murchison falls national park. The focus of the architect that designed the paraa safari lodge was the Nile River and the sense of the European explorers that discovered the Nile and the source of the Nile a few centuries back. Each room at paraa safari lodge is secret haven of style and serenity, all the room are made complete and private bathrooms and the large balconies overlooking the Nile might make you miss your better half in case you did not travel with him or her; they bring on all the romantic memories to the present and also create unforgettable moments.

The décor of paraa safari lodge reflects bygone era of the early explorers as exhibited in the wall paintings and the furniture in the lounge. Paraa safari lodge is enshrined with the modern touch too such as the lighting system, the reception, the restaurant furniture and the rooms as well. Paraa safari lodge has over 30 rooms with spectacular view of the nile, paraa is also sensitive to all its guest so it has rooms for guests with disabilities.

The lodge has an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the winding Nile River, the swimming pool is a place of tranquility and relaxation; it has a quiet serene and the only noise heard is of the hippos and birds tweeting around the lodge. The swimming pool has featured in the classic Hollywood movie called the African queen starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

Paraa Safari Lodge Swimming pool

The standard rooms are categorised into single rooms, double rooms, and the twin rooms. All the room at the lodge provide a cool safari atmosphere and comfort on a different level than any other nearby places, they are all supplied with a fan and an en-suite bath area, plus the spacious balconies where you can sit and sip on your red sweet wine as the night matures. The hotel room all have a view of the swimming pool and beyond the majestic Nile River. The experience you get from the rooms can never disappoint but instead delights.

The queen’s cottages and suites are marvellous and terrific because they offer a maximum level of comfort and privacy for the guests that seek the different safari experience, novelty and super ordinarily in their safari experience. Paraa safari lodge is also attractive to the wild animals like the buffaloes, elephant, warthogs, baboon and a lot more animals that you can spot around your cottage, some animal are so common and others just occasionally pass by paraa safari lodge.

Paraa safari lodge is the only extraordinary safari accommodation you can stay in and reach your highest experience for an African wild safari.  All kinds of events can be booked for at paraa safari lodge like weddings birthdays and others; this is because paraa safari lodge has spacious restaurants, bars and conference halls, plus board rooms. Paraa safari lodge is open all year along and ready to receive visitors any time.

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