Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe safari Lodge, is one of the excellent places to visit while still on Earth, the lodge is located in Murchison falls national and positioned in a spontaneous area overlooking the mighty rapids of the longest river in Africa, Chobe safari Lodge is a paradise on earth with every area of the lodge offering panoramic views of the park.

Chobe safari Lodge offers visitors an authentic experience apart from the outstanding views, visitors can enjoy their leisure time at the three swimming pools in the lodge or can just relax at the terrace or garden with a sun downer, the lodge also features a number of different room types,.

Spa and gym are available for physical fitness and kitchen facilities for those who would love to do their own cooking. Cars and airport pickup can also be arranged at a fee if requested by tourists.

Chobe safari Lodge has got an on-site restaurant that provides mouth watering meals ranging from local and international cusuine meals with the bar serving cold soft drinks, beers and various spirits availed.The lodge staff will make your stay very memorable with unforgettable experience in Africa.

Rooms and prices

Four suites

Thirty six guest rooms

Presidential cottage

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