Murchison River Lodge

Murchison River Lodge

Murchison river lodge is a midrange accommodation unit located at the edge of the southern bank of the splendid river Nile at Murchison falls national park in the north Western part of Uganda, various wildlife and birds are often seen at the river banks, the staff provide extensive services while the onsite restaurant provides visitors with barbeque meals to choose from.

The well stocked bar serves a number of hard and soft drinks while the swimming pool area is a great place to take a sun downer from as you relax at the sun loungers while having striking views of the entire arena.

The rooms are very spacious, well furnished and comfortable. The hotel suits many budgets with a tenting option the tents can either be hired or guests can come and pitch their own tents at a reduced price.

Rooms and prices

Four ensuitethatchedcottages

Three ensuite safari thatched tents

Five camping tents

Camping grounds with shared shower and toilet facilities



Murchison falls national park is an ideal place for bird lovers with the park being home to over 450 bird species recorded,  Murchison river lodge is in one of the best locations for viewing bird life examples of the birds at Murchison are Martial eagle, African jacana, African fishing eagle, pied kingfisher and grey crowned crane among the rest.

Game driving

Game drives at Murchison falls at different gaming tracks but the most famous area for game drives is at the northern sector of the park where you can view animals like leopards, lions, buffalos, elephants, bush bucks and many more plus panoramic views of the vast Vegetation and the river banks of the mighty Nile.

Chimpanzee trekking

Budongo forest is recorded to be having over 600 chimpanzees the best time for Chimpanzee trekking is from October to January. Apart from chimpanzee trekking you will come across other primates like the red tailed monkey, black and white Columbus monkey and olive baboon among others there is also a good number bird life while trekking this is a bonus to bird lovers.

Boat cruising

Boat cruising must be included in touch bucket list when going for a trip to Murchison falls national park, the boat cruise will give you an opportunity to ride up to the famous Karuma falls while observing the Niles Flora and fauna with aquatic animals like the giant Nile crocodile and hippos plus a lot of water birds like the kingfisher.

Community cultural visits

Tourists interested in cultural tours can visit up to three different tribes at Murchison falls with each having their own unique cultural values, local dancing groups can also entertain visitors at some lodges in the evenings after a long game drive.


Other activities

Hot air balloon

White water rafting

Ferry crossing

Guided nature walks

Facilities and amenities


Camping grounds


Bar and restaurant

Ample parking space

Laundry services

How to get there

Four to five hours drive from Kampala


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