Murchison tree house

Murchison Tree House

Murchison tree house is a superb lodge situated purged in the Savannah plains and riverine forests of Murchison falls national park in the northwestern part of Uganda. The tree house are very spacious standing on raised platforms with the panoramic views of hippos at the river banks, the thatched cottages and safari tents and also exclusive with well furnished facilities. There is also a camping site available for tourists who would love to hire tents or have their own safari tents. There are also a lot of birds seen around the lodge premises, there are also a lot of primates species like the white and black Columbus monkeys seen in the surrounding riverine forest.

The well stocked bar provides variety of hard and soft drinks you can enjoy from the lounge area and enjoy sunsets and breathtaking views of the park, the restaurant also provides mouth watering meals ranging from local to international cuisine. Launch and dinner is mostly served in buffet style, campfires are often lit at night where you can relax and watch the magic sparkling African stars. Murchison tree house is also just near Mubako gate of the park which is about 6 kilometers.

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