Nile Treatz Beach Resort

Nile Treatz Beach Resort
Nile Treatz Beach Resort

Nile Treatz Beach Resort is a newly built mid- range accommodation found adjacent to Mubogo land site, on the great River Nile Front in Pakwach, just about 25km from Murchison falls national park ,next to Pakuba airstrip Uganda region. The resort lies on 2.5 acres of beautiful landscape close to Tangi gate overlooking the river. It takes about 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala city Centre to the lodge/ park and 40minutes’ flight from Entebbe International airport to the close pakuba airstrip then few km to be transferred to the resort.

Nile Treatz beach resort contains over 5 spacious and comfortable cottages with the view of the gardens and the River reflecting African traditional building style with grass thatched roof, local woods and comfort proximity. Rooms are well decorated, elevated off the ground  and furnished with   private en suite facilities of clean  Flushing toilets , hot and cold showers,  solar energy available,  wooden chairs and tables , mosquito nets , complementary bottled water , ironing service, free toiletries , slippers to mention but few . Rooms have sitting areas, terraces and wooden balconies overlooking the breathtaking views of the gardens, river and surrounding area.  There is fireplace at the lodge where guests relax in the evenings as they enjoy the sunset and share experiences about the safaris not only that it provides warmth during cold evenings. Rooms are well equipped with comfortable clean and washed beddings with queen sized bed.   The villa offers  single beds for individuals ,double/ twin , triple and family rooming options with different  cost ranging from 100$ per night and above.

Nile treatz beach resort offers more services and facilities which include;

 A restaurant in the main building that serves meals both continental and African- inspired meals that meet guests’ appetite. They offer Buffet breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner served by well trained, friendly and organized staff. You can have meals in the place of your choice either in the dining area or in the gardens overlooking the beautiful surrounding views as well as along the river enjoying the soothing sounds of water waves and breathtaking views.

A well -stocked bar with variety of drinks, local, cocktail, wines, spirits and international beers; you relax either in the garden and sip the drink of your choice while overlooking the stunning view over The Nile and the soothing sounds of the water waves and the garden

 Services; Airport pickups and drop-offs are offered, massage services are offered, free parking space available, Laundry and house- keeping services are offered, car rentals are offered.

 WIFI internet available that will keep you connected and enabling you/ visitor s to keep in touch with their families and friends,

Activities to do while staying at the resort; Game drive since the park has wide range of animals like Elephants, zebras, Giraffes, Buffaloes, antelopes, impalas etc and abundant bird species  ,you can be able to see most of animals, Boat cruise at River Nile, nature walks in the park, bird watching/birding since the park has wide range of bird species, visiting local village especially the karamajong .

Murchison falls national park is the famous largest, oldest most visited park situated in the north eastern parts of Uganda in Amuru   It was formally called Kabalega national park.  The park stands on the shores of lake Albert  home of scarce shoebills stork  occupying  the total area of 3,840Km squared. The park contains over 78 species of mammals including the Big five animals like; Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, Impalas, zebras and over 450  bird species like ; water birds, savannah birds, Albertline endemic birds etc.  The park has different accommodations like; Budget , mid- range and luxury accommodations that are convenient and friendly to guests visiting the park. There are different activities to do while in the park include; Game drive ,you spot different mammal species since the park has more animals, Boat cruise/Launch cruise along the Nile that gives the exciting panoramic view of the bottom of the mighty Murchison falls and  enables guests to spot different aquatic animals like Hippos ,Crocodiles  at the river banks , water birds etc , Hiking on the top of the falls,  Hot air ballooning in the park ,  chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest , Bird watching /Birding at the delta since the park has many bird species , Nature and forest walks in budongo forest , community visits to the local villages that encourages cultural experience  mention but a few.

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