Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls

Karuma falls are magnificently located to the Eastern boarder of Murchison falls national park, the falls are one of the most stunning attractions while visiting the park, the falls are found on the splendid Victoria Nile along Kigumba- gulu highway.

The name Karuma was derived from a local word to mean “great spirit” the locals believe that a strong spirit positioned the rocks and the water to flow.

Karuma falls is also a historical site and here you can find the Karuma power station, the Karuma zone bridge area used to be a dangerous zone when the famous LRA rebels used to attack vehicles and buses around there and abduct many or kill.But today this rebels are no more and the place is very safe to visit any time of the year.


Accommodation when visiting Karuma falls will depend on the tourists budget there are a lot of low range, mid range and luxurious accommodation units within Murchison falls national park some of the lodges are:

Red chili camp

Boomu women’s group camp

Uganda wildlife campsite

Pakuba safari lodge

Nile safari lodge

Chobe safari lodge

Baker’s lodge

And Yebo safari lodge among others

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