African Safari tour

African tour safari

African tour safari

African Tour Safari is a lifetime golden chance to experience the African wilderness. If you are planning to go on a vacation, Africa is a continent that cannot skip your eye. Africa is naturally endowed with a lot of unique features to garnish your travel and make it the one you will never forget.

An African tour safari can be a romantic honeymoon safari adventure, a primate’s safari in east Africa and also a wildlife safari in the natural setting among others. You get a chance to enjoy Africa in its different forms; from the Table Mountains of South Africa, the savannah plains of Kruger national park, Serengeti national park, and snow capped mountains like Kilimanjaro and Ruwenzori to coastal lines of east, south, west and central Africa.

Choosing Africa for your year’s vacation get away is the best decision you can make. You can enjoy the vast deserts with huge sand dunes, the hot red sunsets or dusks, the wide range of wildlife in the different protected areas of Africa, and the diversity of the cultures varying from one country to another gives a thrilling encounter.

There is authentic beauty in the wildlife of Africa such as the big five, notorious and almost hard to hunt and cage, the ugly five like the vultures, wildebeests and the marabou storks, the landscapes are spectacular with the undulating hills, vast plains, deep verdant valleys and rich water bodies among others. The wilderness experience of an African tour safari spans across over 50 countries; both the northern and the southern countries of Africa.

The weather of African varies from one country to another, this means that the best time to travel to Africa depends on a number of factors like the destination of interest, the motivating factor for your travel trip, and the core interest in African safaris among others.

Different Destinations of Africa

The uniqueness of an African tour safari is inclined to the different special features possessed by the different countries; every country in Africa can offer you a spectacular travel experience independently.

  1. Botswana –  it is a country in the western side of Africa. The country’s wildlife covers almost a fifth of the total land. The country comprises of protected areas for wildlife like national parks such as chobe national park, kgalagadi transfrontier park, moremi national park, Okavango delta and the central Kalahari game reserves. The national parks in botswana harbor a wide range of wildlife and also dotted with luxury safari lodges to spice up your travel, you can also choose an outdoor camping to experience the true wild adventure of Africa.
  2. Ethiopia – is an ancient country and known for its long time history from a million years ago. Ethiopia is found of possessing very old archeological findings that have lasted for over 3 million years ago and more. The museums in Addis Ababa keep the oldest truths about the revolution of the culture and people in the country. The cruise along the magnificent Lake Tana which is the largest in the country and the source of the Blue Nile that extends to Egypt, gondor the walled forests and the palace for Ethiopian emperors of ancient day.
  3. Kenya – Kenya shades the perfect image of Africa and it has been used in a number of movies and animations to try and describe Africa in a synopsis. The mountains and the coastal beaches are no surprise from the Kenya you imagine, all the features of Kenya and the history about it makes it the best destination of east Africa.
  4. Madagascar – Madagascar has 5% of the most sought after plants and animals in the world, probably it is the reason as to why Madagascar features in a lot of TV shows and series like the penguins of Madagascar. The forests make nature walks thrilling in Madagascar, trekking and beaches are magnificent.
  5. Rwanda – Despite the dark shade in the history of Rwanda which was painted by the genocide, Rwanda still stays the “land of a thousand hills” with the most beautiful and hospitable people. Rwanda is naturally endowed with primates such as mountain gorillas found in volcano national park and chimpanzees in nyungwe national park among other interesting features like the genocide grounds, and the new conventional grounds are magnificent.
  6. Namibia – in Namibia you get a chance to climb the highest desert sand dunes and also visit the deepest canyons in Africa. Namibia has unique desert wildlife found in etosha national park, camping in the desert is spectacular with the view of the setting sun over the horizon coloring the dust hot red.
  7. Zanzibar – Zanzibar is the best destination for your romantic vacation like wedding on the coast, honey moons among other love related get away. Zanzibar is known for its white sand beaches that flaunt their beauty all year long. The coastal beaches of Zanzibar are crafted with beautiful sea shells, the shells are used by the coastal people to make beautiful crafts.
  8. Uganda – There is no doubt that Uganda it the pearl of Africa and this is evident in the natural endowment it exhibits in its national parks. Uganda is known for being the home other world’s largest population of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in kibale national park. The source of the Nile at Jinja is something you will always remember about Uganda safari. You can visit Uganda at any time of the year and you will find the warm welcome from the hospitable people waiting for you.

Africa is one culture defined as hospitality, the different people of Africa are well known for their hospitality with will make your stay a memorable one with beautiful smiles. Accommodation is at its best, ranging from high class five star hotels in different cities, to relaxing safari lodges found in the heart of African wild spots for your real adventure.

The local tour operators are trustworthy because they are regulated by an association called the association of Uganda tour operators (AUTO); it is also cheaper to book with the local tour consultants for your African tour safari. African destination never get tired of you, you are welcome to visit Africa at any time of the year, welcome to Africa.

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