Animals  in Murchison

Animals in Murchison falls national park are among the best and most interesting parts for visitors, garnished with the different bird species that make up a superb birding safari. This is also another reason as to why visitors come to Uganda and book for the Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda spanning over a vast area of about 400, over five districts. Murchison falls national park is famous mainly because it is the only protected area safari where you can find the “big five” game of African wilderness.

Murchison falls national park is located north east of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is also part and partial of the enormous murchison falls conservation area found in north eastern Uganda. Murchison falls national park is an ecological community with quiet a numb of habitats which support the wild life in the park.

Big Game Animals

Murchison falls national park is a home for over 76 mammal species such as herds of buffaloes are easily spotted during the game drive in buligi plains. Also elephant herds are scattered in the savannah woodland areas of Murchison falls national park. The park is also blessed with the big cats for example a good number of camouflage leopards can be spotted in the shrubs and a good number of the lions found in the southern part of Murchison falls national park. As if that is not all; Murchison falls national park is, on the other hand, known for the Rothschild’s endangered giraffes. These giraffes can only be found in kidepo national park. The commonest animals include Jackson’s hartebeest, bush bucks, warthogs, crocodiles, hippos among others.

9 Days Murchison Falls, Kidepo and Pian Upe Wildlife Safari


Murchison falls national park is not only a home for the big five animals, but also the funny primates. They can be spotted anywhere within Murchison falls national park. The olive baboons are the commonest primates with in the national park, and you can spot the olive baboons almost everywhere in Murchison falls national park. They are also so familiar with humans, so, it would be a good idea if you could keep your car windows low or else lose your lunch and worse.

The blue and the red tailed monkeys and the black and white-colobus can be found in the forested areas of Murchison falls national park. The chimpanzees are the highlight of any primate related safari to Murchison falls national park. The chimpanzees are an endangered primate spice of the world, apart from kibale national park; you can also find the chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu forest in kasese and in Budongo forest. Budongo forest is the oldest natural forest in Uganda and the tall hardwood trees are adaptable to the lifestyle of the chimpanzees. 

Murchison falls national park is also naturally blessed with nocturnal primates can see during the night nature walks in kaniyo pabidi forest. The night nature walks give you an opportunity to see the pottos, bush babies among others. To note, kaniyo pabidi together with budongo forest of Murchison falls national park, harbour over 800 chimpanzees.

Bird Life

Besides the big game animals and the primates in Murchison falls national park, the birds shade the skies with beautiful colours. Murchison falls National Park is birders paradise with a number bird species found in the different parts of the national park. The birds are categorised basing on the habitats where they dwell, for example, the water birds, the savannah birds, the albertine birds and the forest birds among others.

It is in murchison falls national park that you can get a chance to spot the sought after prehistoric bird known as the shoebill stork. There are also other birds that are endemic and special birds in murchison falls national park, for example, the yellow foot kingfisher, the white thighed ground hornbill, the goliath bird, the gonoleks among other birders interest. To note, Murchison falls national park earns 4.4 stars among the best birding destinations of east Africa and, perhaps, African at large.

Murchison falls national park is a naturally blessed land with gifts of Mother Nature, the wildlife in Murchison falls national park is spectacular.  The uniqueness of murchison falls national park is spread all throughout the area and recognisable even before entering the park through the scenic views of the escarpments and the undulating landscape is a memory to last.

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