Best Area for Wildlife Viewing in Murchison Falls

Best Area for Wildlife Viewing in Murchison Falls

Murchison national park is one of Uganda’s best kept treasures, the park is about three and half drive from. Kampala the main city, it’s approximately located in an area of kilometers squared. The park boasts with the big five and many other animals it’s also the country’s largest national park. Everything part of Murchison falls national park is alive with a wilderness experience.

The thrilling national park has got many wildlife tracks but one of the best areas to view wild game is in the building game tracks in the northern side, a range of various animals are often seen grazing on the vast Savannah plains of the park with predators sighting their prey from nearby distances.

Murchison falls national park has got the big five which can easily be seen on a game drive this makes your visit very complete.

Though there is a lot of wildlife in the north sector, other areas of the park have got animals some of the animals to be seen at the park are; herds of buffalos, numerous elephants, warthogs, reed bucks, lions, leopards, hyenas, bush bucks, giraffes. The wildlife viewing tracks are; building track, Victoria track and Albert track. The game drives normally take about 3-4 hours and can start as early as 6:00am.

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