Best attractions in Rwanda

Best attractions in Rwanda : Rwanda’s is a small province in eastern Africa that has been paradise of beauty, fascinating cultures and interesting wildlife. It is well-known for being the most peaceful countries in the world, with a low crime rates a, advanced technology and strong education system. Visitors to Rwanda will find stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife such as mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and exciting chimpanzees. The land of a thousand hills is also the most popular mountain gorillas which is one of the world’s remaining habitants for endangered gorillas. There are also others animals that can be seen in Rwanda includes, buffalos, lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, zebras among others. Rwanda also country known for its rich and exceptional cultural heritages and friendly people and its excellent Rwandan coffee and tea. This article presents you the best attractions in Rwanda and here they are;

Volcanoes national park

Volcanoes national park is the famous world’s premier gorilla trekking destination. The Rwandan volcanoes are fame for its thriving population of mountain gorillas, occasional primates endemic to Africa. The park hosts almost a third of the remaining population of the mountain gorillas in the world. Volcanoes national park is part of the Virunga Mountains, seeing mountain gorillas in wild Rwanda is a privilege and meeting them is unforgettable adventure experience. There is another beautiful endangered golden monkey which are barely seen in the volcanoes national park, golden monkey is an old world order monkey that are endemic to the Virunga massif. They are characterized with a bright orange-golden body, you can spot this magnificent uncommon monkeys during a hike through within only the volcanoes national park and the nearest Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. This fascinating rare golden monkey are only found in the Virunga massif.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

One of the most protected conservation area in mighty Africa, Nyungwe forest national park contains a remarkable arrange of biodiversity of over 1,068 plants species, 322bird species and 75 different animals. The park contains plenty of primate’s species of more than 13 primate’s species which is the most captivating chimpanzees, white and black colobus monkeys and others endemic to the Albertine region.  Hanging out with the primates isn’t only activity to do in the park, Nyungwe forest national park is also a home to canopy walk in east Africa .Besides the primates species and interesting canopy walk ,  Nyungwe forest national park also owns plentiful Bird species and other mammal species along with glorious undergrowth.

Kigali genocide memorial

The Kigali genocide memorial in Rwanda is a place of remembrance, reflecting and education, dedicated to the memory of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The Kigali genocide memorial center is situated just near Gisozi of about 10 minutes’ drive from the city heart. The Kigali genocide memorial servers as resting place for over 250,000 Rwandans who were slaughtered during the 1994 genocide. Kigali genocide memorial is the biggest memorial in Rwanda and it dedicated as powerful symbol of remembrance honoring those who lost their lives during the horrific event in 1994. Kigali genocide memorial is located in the center of Rwanda capital city “Kigali”, the genocide memorial is made up of museum, a memorial garden , an education center and research facilities . The memorial was built in 2004 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the genocide and is now a key site of remembrance and education about the genocide.

Akagera national park

Akagera national park is another important destination with amazing attractions, the national park is one of the oldest national in the region and the only savannah park in Rwanda. The park is a home to the famous and incredible African big 5 animals such also lions, buffaloes, rhinos, elephants and leopards other wildlife includes giraffes, Topis, zebras, antelopes, hyenas, impalas among others. There also others primate such as vervet monkeys, olive baboon , and through game drives offered in the park is when you can see almost all this amazing wildlife including bird species such as local red faced barbets, and the swamp fly catcher as well as the elusive shoebill stork among others

King’s palace museum

Best attractions in Rwanda
King’s Palace Museum

The king’s palace is a significant historical site that provides insight into Rwanda’s culture and traditional way of life. The palace which is the main tourist’s attraction was a home of King’s Mutara III Rudahigwa’s and a significant center of power in the region. The Palace offers a detailed look into the Rwandan monarchical system and its abolition in early 1950s due to colonialism and the modern palace, which was built by the Belgian colonizers for King Mutara III. The museum itself is just as interesting as the four-legged creatures out back. It showcases a model of a king’s palace from with a thatched roof, royal hut arrows, utensils, bows, drums, shields, and fresh milk hut traditionally run by an unmarried woman. Tourists can also explore the colonial-style home that was once the royal residence of King Mutara III Rudahigwa.

Musanze caves

Near the Park are Musanze Caves that were created about 65 million years as a result of vulcanization within the Virunga Mountains. The caves are some of the popular attractions and can be visited all year round. See the brilliant views of cascading lights from the surface, interesting rock formations, and bats that colonized the cave walls.

Volcano hiking

Hiking the Virunga volcanoes is one of the adventures not to miss. There are several hiking trails that have been developed in the park and the most popular hikes includes mount Karisimbi hike, mount Bisoke hike, mount Muhabura hike among others.

The Iby’iwacu cultural village

Iby’iwacu cultural village is a famous and most wanted visited villages to every traveler who come to Rwanda mostly those who take part in Rwanda gorilla trekking in the volcanoes national park. The village is a Non-Profit organization situated few kilometers from the volcanoes national park. The organization aimed at improving the lives of reformed poachers and communities around Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park through provision of conservation incentives, supporting community enterprise development and livelihood based projects. Therefore, visiting this captivating village will not only introduce you to their conservation efforts but also offers travelers with deep history and traditions in theirs way of living. The village offers visitors with amazing Rwandan cultureal activities such as dancing performances, food preparations, basket weaving, milking among others.

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