Best time to Visit Murchison Falls National Park

Best time to Visit Murchison falls national park

Want to know the best time to Visit Murchison falls national park? The park can be visited anytime throughout the year and game viewing is always good but it is best during the dry season (December to February) and between June and September as you will see below;

Best time to visit:December to February (because it is easier to spot the animals)
High Season:June to September (This is the time Uganda receives many tourists thus many people going to Murchison falls)

Low Season: March, April, May, October and November (Because of the heavy rains, some parts of the park become hardly accessible and some accommodations close)

Best Weather:June, July (This is the time when the rains end and the temperatures are still low)

Worst Weather: April, May and August to October (Heavy rains and terrible heat and dust in August)

December to February – Dry Season

– It becomes easier to find animals as vegetation becomes thinner and wildlife gathers at water points
– The sun shines regularly and there is almost no rain
– The mosquitoes are fewer meaning the risk of getting malaria is very minimal
– The heat in January and February can be unbearable

June to November – Wet Season

– The landscape is all lush green
– April and May are low season so there are fewer people in the park and prices may be reduced on some accommodations
– Wildlife viewing is good throughout the year
– This is the period for migratory birds
– The park lies in the dry part of the country so the rains can hardly interfere with your safari
– Some roads may become inaccessible after heavy rains

With all this information, you should be able to cite out the best time to Visit Murchison falls national park. Get in touch with us for more information.

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