Birding in murchison falls

Birding in Murchison falls national park

Birding in Murchison falls national park : Murchison falls national park is well known for superb birding spots and it is right to call Murchison falls national park, birders pride. Murchison falls national park has a wide range of habitats that harbour a number of bird species that are about 400 birds. The birds are categorized according to their adoptable environment or habitats for example, the albertine birds are sighted around the Albert delta, the water birds are common near the Murchison falls, and the savannah birds found in the open savannahs of Murchison falls national park.

Birding safaris in Murchison falls national park is the only opportunity in African you can get to spot the prehistoric shoebill stork.  The shoebill stork is best spotted during the dry season from January to March. The birds in Murchison falls national park are mainly sighted along the banks of the Nile. During the boat cruise to the bottom of the falls, you can spot over 53 water birds including the colorful kingfishers and the raptors. The cruise to the bottom of the falls is even the famous among the tourist and birders that visit Murchison falls national park.

A Murchison falls national park birding safari is the best with highlighting birds which include rare and famous bill storks but the common is the shoebill stork found in the islands of the albert delta, the martial eagle, African fish eagle which is spotted majestically starring from the woods, papyrus gonolek,  the lesser flamingo and the greater flamingos are migratory birds mainly seen in November to January, verreaux eagle owl and the white tailed lack among others.

Still, the birding safaris in Murchison falls national park also give you an opportunity to see a wide range of common birds but special like the marabou storks in the open savannah. Perhaps, it because of the wide selection of unique bird species, that Murchison falls national park earns 4.4 stars out of five, among the best birding destinations in Uganda and Africa at large.

The common bird species are found in the savannah plains of Murchison falls national park like the Abyssinian ground horn bill, secretary birds, black bellied bustards, open billed stork and the widow birds among others. The marabou storks are the commonest birds in the savannah plains; they are partly scavenger birds.

The water birds hide in the thickets and the woodlands close to the river bank, they include the swallow- tailed and the red- throated bee eaters; mainly found in the nyamusika cliff woodlands, the malachite kingfishers and the pied giant malachite, francolin, hornbills, grey heron, woodpecker, crombies and warblers. The river banks are also home for ducks and the geese, silts and plovers among others.

Caution on Birding in Uganda

It is ideal for the travellers or the visitors to murchison falls national park to book the birding safaris with an approved tour consultant. Also the trained game drive is recommended for the safaris in not only Murchison falls national park, but all protected areas in Uganda. This can improve on the visitors experience and also upholds the safety protocol of the national parks and the protected areas in Uganda.

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