Boat Cruise

Boat Cruise in Murchison falls park

Boat Cruise in Murchison falls park 

Boat cruise in Murchison falls has always proved itself to be the most entertaining among the activities done in the park, its very unique rom other Boat cruises in other countries such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania or Congo . It is no offence if one refers the Murchison falls national park boat cruise as a switch for other activities. For example, birding at the Albert delta and the hike to the top of the falls are only possible if you book the boat cruise too. There are two boat cruises; the bottom of the falls boat cruise and the albert delta boat cruise.

A lot of tourists come to Murchison falls national park with the main aim of seeing the strongest waterfall in the world. However, that turns out to be the compliment to the terrific launch cruises along the River Nile. There are two types of Boat cruise in Murchison falls national park;

The bottom of the falls Boat Cruise

The “bottom of the falls” boat cruise is the most admired and it is also the link to the “hike to the top of the falls”. The launch trip starts from paraa dock and it sails up stream towards the falls. The boat sails through a number of hippo schools floating on water, herds of elephants showering on the river bank, a couple of oribis, flocks of warthogs, crocodiles and beautiful water birds. It is so terrific to ride in a midst of the real beauty of the Nile. The ride goes on better towards the bottom of the falls with a couple of bottles of cold drinks with the friends.

The boat ride is a clear opportunity for you to take beautiful and clear shoots of the animals along the Nile because the boat gets closest to the animals like crocodiles and hippos. Reaching the bottom of the falls is spectacular, although the boat doesn’t get so close to the devil’s cauldron. The rocks are rugged with holes formed from the force with which the water droplets hit the ground from the cliff; the rocks are also resistant enough letting only the soft rock to shatter, thus forming holes. Some holes are for the king fishers and you can see a number of these beautiful birds in the nearby trees; it’s better to use binoculars to see the birds since they are small.

The albert delta Launch Cruise

Like the bottom of the falls launch cruise, also the Albert delta launch cruise starts from paraa and the boat slowly sails on the gently flowing Nile waters; after losing its strength from the falls’ plunge pull. For this time the boat cruise sails down the stream where the river splits up creating numerous floating islands of papyrus zones. It’s here; the Albert delta, that you can spy on the “sought after” prehistoric shoebill stork. The shoe bills are fishers, however, the floating water vegetation could be a challenge, but, the hippos come in to help out because the bill storks follow on the hippo trails; clear for fishing for their food. The delta boat cruise is awesome and terrific and always referred to as the “sun downers” trip down stream, because it is mostly done in the evening. The evening makes the cruise as romantic as you can imagine. You get caught up in a moment with natures greatness while watching the dusk falling, whilst the sunsets down from the sky; it is ideal time for you to take awesome photos for the sunset at the Nile.

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