Cultural Safaris

Cultural Safaris

Cultural Safaris: Not only is murchison falls national park a home for wildlife, but also a lot of interesting African cultures, who reside near and around the national park premises. Murchison falls national park is engulfed by a range of distinctive communities; this reflects the various tribes of Uganda, and it goes deep to bring out the hospitality of Uganda’s and unity the communities exhibit. Murchison falls national park is bordered by the Banyoro in the south, acholi in the north east and the alur in the north west of the park. This diversity of culture is a great encounter for the visitors to Murchison falls and any Ugandan safari.

The cultures are unique, each in its own way, the banyoro in the south of Murchison falls national park, has a lot of folklore to tell to the visitors. For example the stories about King Kabalega of Bunyoro Kingdom, still show the greatness of the kingdom until to date. The banyoro also brag much in the past glory of their king kabalega of the Bunyoro kingdom.

The Acholi and the Alur, almost show signs of similarity. The language, if not keen and a good listener, one might say that they speak the same language. Perhaps like back cloth making, the similarities are as a result of ethnicity; both the Alur of Murchison falls national park and the acholi in the same region belong to the Nilotic ethnic group, unlike the Banyoro who are Bantu.

As you approach Murchison falls national park, the fun begins. You can sit back and enjoy the energetic dances from the mubako performers; they also perform around different lodges and campsites, when invited. The dances are impressive to the extent that you want to join in and do some exercises through dancing along to the tunes of Mubako.

The boom womens group exhibits community tours discovering the heritage of the banyoro tribe which boarders Murchison falls national park in the south. The boomu women’s group exposes the daily living like black smith to food preparation and cultivation plus craft making; tourists take them as the souvenirs.

Cultural Safaris are also exhibited at boomu women’s guest house which is located just outside the kichumbanyob main gate. Boomu guest house rooms are bandas; they are simple grass thatched roofed houses. Boomu women guest house is run by this women group with the fundamental aim of raising funds for the elementary schools in the local vicinity. Boomu women guest house also organizes the fascinating cooking tours for the visitors as another way to raise the funds for their projects; it is charged just UGX 20000 per person. For more information about the boomu women’s group, try to check out with their website

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