Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe international airport of Uganda is the fulcrum for all the aviation done in the country. Entebbe international airport emerges out to be the principal airport in Uganda, then the other small airports and airfields follow behind it. Entebbe airport is located on the shore of Lake Victoria and lies astride the major latitude equator  at latitude 00.02 north and longitude 320 east, this is the reason for the description that Entebbe international airport caries as the airport on equator.

Entebbe airport is elevated at 3782 ft above sea level, situated on the peninsular of Lake Victoria. Entebbe experiences tropical kind of climate all through the year with temperatures between 17 to 27 degrees Celsius. Entebbe international airport is approximately 45 km south west of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. To note, this international airport is situated on the northern shores of the largest lake in the world, Lake Victoria, it is also the only international airport in Uganda.

Brief history about Entebbe airport

Entebbe international airport is not a new facility; it has existed for quite a long time, to the extent of forming quite interesting history. Entebbe international airport was opened about half a century ago by the British colonialist or colonial authorities on 10th/November/1951.

Before, Uganda first experienced a flight in the 1930s when the airboat landed at port bell to deliver a letter to the colonial masters. This excitement led to the formation of the directorate civil aviation authority. Despite, Entebbe international airport did not start operating right on, but it took some time until it was formally reopened after all the facilities had been improved to the standards then.

Entebbe airport a few years ago, made news when idi amin, the president of Uganda then hijacked an aeroplane full of passengers, from Israel, for some time and however later, he released them to go.  Entebbe international airport, also received great honour when it received the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, for his visit to Africa in 1952 (just one year after it had been opened).

Entebbe international airport currently

Entebbe international airport has been operating all the international flights and running well and according to the set standards and controls of aviation by the civil aviation authority, IATA and ICAO among other bodies that regulate air transport in the world. However, recently, due to the development of aviation and air transport in the world and domestically as well, an issue of expansion pulled a lot of attention of different international donors like the World Bank and others, as well as the local government of Uganda.

The reconstruction of Entebbe international airport has been going on for quite some time until now. The reconstruction started in May 2016, and is expected to be finally complete by 2021. The reconstruction of Entebbe international airport is aiming at improving the status of the access roads at the airport, cargo aircraft parking apron, and also to widen the landing site plus the run way of Entebbe international airport.

Services and facilities at Entebbe airport

The airport is organised in a standard system with different area and facilities to give any kind of help you may require from any international airport. Most of the activities and services are done in the terminal building and others in the passenger building for example, atm provided by Barclays bank, Eco bank and orient bank, there is an elegant business center, car rental dest at the arrivals, foreign exchange bureaus internet café among others.. Entebbe international airports accommodates a number of  air charters or fleets including the royal daisy airlines, eagle air, air Uganda, aero link Uganda and others include the British airways fly dubai, KLM, Brussels airlines, Turkish airlines among others.

Destinations and routes

Entebbe airport accommodates air charters and airlines that cover different routes across Europe, asia, Africa and middle east. And flights reach destination far and near like, jomo Kenyatta airport, dubai international airport, Johannesburg airport, cairo, pemba, doha, istanbul – ataturk and abu dhabi among others. You can check in online into Entebbe airport when travelling to Uganda, or check in at the airport in case of no online services, the hospitable staff at Entebbe airport, will take you through all your process and procedures at the airport, welcome to Uganda.

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