Ferry Crossing Information

Ferry Crossing Information

Murchison falls is the largest national park in Uganda boasting with the big five animals, 76 mammals, over 450 bird species and many other animals. The park is also Uganda’s oldest national park very rich in diversity. One of the most magical things not to miss on your itinerary to Murchison falls national park is a ferry cruise.

The park is bisected by the striking river Nile the largest river in Africa with the splendid water falls called Karuma falls flowing to the magnificent Lake Albert.

Ferry crossing at Murchison falls will depend on the tourists need for their vehicles if they would love to use their vehicles then it’s  better to cross at Karuma bridge, thevehicles carrying ferry crossed the mighty Nile at Paara, this ferry normally carries a total of eight cars and crosses throughout the day from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

The fares are normally 5000 UGx per person and 20000 per vehicle, special scheduled crossings are at an additional fee compared to the normal fares. The ferry crosses from North to south and from south to North the indigenous river bisects the breath taking park flowing from East to west.

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