Gorilla families in Uganda

Gorilla families in Uganda : Gorilla adventures take you straight to the heart of Uganda and you get to experience the beauty that is hide in the massive moments of Uganda through the help of Achieve global safaris.

Incredible gorilla safaris in Uganda are mostly carried out in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park giving you exclusive moments of adventure in the pearl of Africa.

Breathtaking gorilla tours in Uganda are one of the most sought for adventures in Uganda and for that case the only way to explore these stunning creatures is by visiting the pearl of Africa.

When it comes to the gorilla families that are habituated in Uganda the list is long and for this case Achieve global safaris list down the families of gorillas that you should expect to see while on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda.

Achieve global safaris believes that this is the most remarkable safari activity that is carried out by most sightseers for its remarkable experiences that leave most marveling and praising the pearl of Africa.

Below is a list of the expected gorilla families that you should expect to sight while on a gorilla trek in Uganda as of the fact that Uganda has 13 habituated gorilla families and these are below;

Mubare family

With records the Mubare is known to be the oldest gorilla family habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national occupying the Mubare hills in Buhoma sector and made up of a family of 8 members and 1 silverback

Nyakagezi family

When it comes to Mgahinga national park the only group of gorillas found here is the Nyakagezi with its first leader being Bugingo who passed away because of old age and Mark the eldest son took over with two other Silverbacks; Mathew and Mafia

Habinyanja family

Habinyanja gorilla family was among the first groups to be habituated in Uganda and for those who are interested I spending a day with this family they are found in Buhoma sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

Rushegura family

This family was famous for crossing from Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and then come back to Uganda and this one of the most exciting families in Uganda to visit.

Gorilla families in Uganda
Rushegura family

Bitukura family

14 individuals from its original 24 is what the Bitukura family is made of, led by Ndahura who took over from the now retired Karamuzi and known to be one of the most complicated but yet most fun gorilla family in Uganda.

Oruzogo family

This is a large group With 25, members and the second family that is found in in the Ruhija area most interesting to spend time with as you experience and sight them playing with each other gives you more thrills about their true nature.

Other families include:

  • Nshongi family
  • Oruzogo family
  • Nkuringo family
  • Mishaya family
  • Kahungye family
  • Bweza Family
  • Busingye Family
  • Kyaguriro Family

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A gorilla safaris in Uganda enable travelers to meet the endangered mountain gorillas and the process of all the needed permits to be able to visit the gorilla families one can go through Achieve global safaris.

Uganda has 11 gorilla families habituated for trekking while one is for research and for those Interested in knowing about all the gorilla families in Uganda the best way to experience the best gorilla safaris is through Achieve global safaris.

Conclusively, for the most exciting gorilla safaris in Uganda have the chance and visit the only two destinations in Uganda where these endangered species are found so as for you to have time with them and learn more about them.

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