Hiking and Nature walks

Hiking And Nature Walks

Hiking And Nature Walks

Hiking and nature walks in Murchison falls national park are one of a kind and this is the ultimate opportunity for you to explore the African wilderness on foot. Hiking and nature walks involve walking on foot while enjoying the scenery of Murchison falls national park, studying about different birds, plants and other wildlife with in Murchison national park.

The nature walk trails in Murchison falls national park, go through kaniyo pabidi , rabongo forest, and the albert delta areas; all areas are part of the vast Murchison falls conservation area. Hiking and nature walks are really hard and sometimes tough adventure activity; however, it comes along with interesting benefits like burning some calories, exercising tensed muscles will enjoy the wildlife.

Hiking and nature walks in Murchison falls national park offer impressive sights and sounds of the water birds during the top of the falls hike. You can also spot a number of primates in kaniyo pabidi like monkeys and chimpanzees. The hike to the top of the falls takes about 45 minutes from the dock to the top of the falls.

The short treks or nature walks start around simbya river lodge, also at mubako junction on the southern side of the river. You can choose to walk along the northern bank of the River Nile; the short hikes and nature walks take about one and a half to two hours.

The top of the falls hike

The hike to the top of the falls starts at the place called “the bakers” point. It is believed that it is from this spot that Sir Samuel baker stood to admire and appreciate the beauty of Murchison falls national park in 1864; he also named the falls, Murchison falls national park. The top of the falls is the most interesting trail in the national park; the scenery is spectacular and the sighting of the beautiful kingfishers and other water birds. To note, there is always a tour guide to help answer all your queries and also to tell you all the information about different birds, plants and animals found along the trail.

Nature walks in kaniyo pabidi forest

Kaniyo pabidi is a natural forest which is a part of budongo forest, kaniyo pabidi forest is located just 8 km from kichumbanyobo main gate to Murchison falls national park, in the south. kaniyo pabidi is renowned for the nature walks; the nature walks through kaniyo pabidi forest expose you to a number of chimpanzees, olive baboons, black and white monkeys, blue colobus  monkeys, red-tailed colobus monkeys and birds such chocolate backed kingfisher, horn bills among others. You can also enjoy the view of the trees in the forest like the mahogany and ironwood, the view of the forest with lines of the light rays penetrating through the canopies of the tall trees, creates unforgettable experiences, among other thrilling features of the forest.

Rabongo forest nature walks

Rabongo forest is also found in the southern side of Murchison falls national park or the Murchison falls conservation area. Rabongo forest is quite distant, from Para; it is a one and half hours’ drive. Rabongo forest is engulfed with in a lush savannah grass land. To note, rabongo forest remoteness, sometimes, it attracts predators like the lions and other cats. The nature walks in rabongo forest will give you an opportunity to see primates like monkeys and chimpanzees, other animals such as warthogs, a few elephants among others. Rabongo forest is also an ideal area for birding. During your nature walk in rabongo forest, you can use the chance to enjoy the open savannah birds tweeting and whistling in the forest.

You can do your nature walks in Murchison falls national park any time of the year. However, the dry season is the perfect time for hiking and the nature walks in Murchison falls national park; the dry season is when all the trails are dry and easy to trek through. Unlike, the wet season makes the trails almost impassable due to much rainfall showers during the wet season.

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