Horse riding in Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja; Exploring the local villages of Jinja town on the back of the horse if the most popular activity in the area for tourists. Horse riding in Jinja gives you a chance to enjoy the marvel of the village and the Nile river banks, through the tea estates and the sugar plantations in Jinja. Horse riding is done in other parts of Uganda like Lake Mburo national park.

Despite, it is still a rare activity in the country. According to census, Uganda has over 1000 horses and most of them are in the northern part of Uganda, that is, Karamoja region. The arrangement of horse riding in Jinja mainly allows you intrinsically experience the African culture closer enough as you ride through the villages, you also get a chance to gaze at the beautiful panoramic views if the Nile valley and the tea estates in Jinja.

Brief about Jinja city

Jinja city is a renowned destination perhaps, because it has the source of the Nile; the longest river in the world which starts from Jinja, through almost 11 African countries to the Mediterranean Sea. Jinja is among the large cities in Uganda and the second busiest commercial centre in Uganda. Jinja was established in 1907 as the centre for British protectorate headquarters in eastern Uganda and is known as the adventure capital of east Africa, Jinja is always what you expect and more.

Horse riding packages

Horse riding in Jinja is usually packaged by the main company running horseback riding safaris called, Nile horseback safaris. This company is owned by an Australian expatriate. There are different shifts of horse riding packages in Jinja, that is, the morning shift, afternoon shift, and the sunset or overnight shift, you can also chose to book for horse riding for more than one two days, there is also ponies for children too to enjoy this unforgettable experience of horse riding in Jinja along the Nile.

The Nile horseback safaris, owns experienced horses and trained to give you all the thrilling experience you expected and more. All horses are supplied with required equipment to allow you have a marvellous experience; each horse is provided with a mounting block, saddle bags, and the rain jacket in case of unexpected rain showers in the rainy season.

The horse riding activity is operated with two guides on leads the group and the other follows behind the riders to make sure that there is no one gets hurt along the journey. Horse riding activity lasts from 1 hour to 3 hours in the morning, afternoon and at the sunset or overnight rides. To note, only the experienced riders are allowed to participate in the overnight horse riding activity.

You should not get scared to join in the spectacular experience of horse riding in Jinja; most of the riders are first time participant. The riders are first briefed and trained on how to control the horse before the journey is started. You can also experience this marvellous horse riding with your family, children inclusive; the little kids are spared some ponies and the guide watches closely to monitor the children while riding on the little ponies, this is intended to ensure their safety.

Cost of horse riding in Jinja

The horse riding permits vary from 40 USD to 80 USD for adults per person basing on the horse riding session you have booked for. The pony ride, on the other hand, is cheaper at accost of 20 USD per kid. The sunset ride is slightly expensive and is charged 60 USD per person, while the 4 night ride is charged about 265 USD. It is much more advantageous to book Jinja horse riding in advance because the guides and horses are limited. To note, you can book for horse riding with your tour operator.

Requirements for perfect horse riding

  • A water bottle
  • Sunscreen cream to protect you from direct sunlight in the after noon
  • A camera for taking panoramic photos along the way
  • Closed shoes like sneakers, or boots
  • And right dresses such as trousers and long sleeved shirts, depending on your choice.

Getting there

Jinja is located just 80km away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. You can take a bus from Kampala bus terminal or a taxi from the taxi park to Jinja. At Jinja you cross over the bridge; Owen falls dam, then take your right at kayunga road. You can, alternatively, take public transport means from Jinja or a water taxi.


Jinja is a tourist destination with a high concentration of accommodationfacilities; therefore you have quite a range to choose from. For example, bohemia resort Uganda, Holland Park, living waters resort, bohemia resort among others. You can book your horse riding in jinja any time of the year. Plus, you can as well enjoy bungee jumping, quad biking, mountain biking, all terrain biking, sunset boat cruise, jet boat up the rapids of river Nile white water rafting among others.

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