How to get to Paraa Safari Lodge

How to get to Paraa Safari Lodge : Paraa safari lodge is located in the northwestern part of Uganda in Murchison falls National Park and its name was derived from a native Luo word known as “Paraa” which means “the place of Hippos”. It was constructed in 1954 and it is strategically located on a hilltop which blesses individuals with views of various wildlife in Murchison falls national park and tourists capture classic views of the famous River Nile.

Paraa Safari lodge is under the management of the Madhvani group under Marasa Africa lodges and it is a perfect destination for visitors who are on a family vacation and those escaping away from the bustle and the hustle of the cities. This lodge is made of a total number of 54 rooms as each rooms owns a suite walk in bathroom and a private balcony that enables visitors do whatever they want without being interrupted.

In 1959, Queen Elizabeth who was the mother of the British Empire visited Paraa Safari lodge and this also hosted other famous personalities like the Us President Theodore Roosevelt as this matter fact helped the lodge to gain its popularity and many tourists who came for a wildlife safari in Murchison falls national park always want to have their accommodation facilities from Paraa safari lodge.

Unfortunately, in 1970s, Paraa safari lodging facilities were destroyed during the reign of Idi Amin Dada but the good is that currently, the renovations have been fully made at the lodge, which still attracts many visitors to go and have their best time of relaxation.

Therefore, tourists planning to go to visit Paraa safari lodge can either travel by use of road or air transport with an aim of accessing the park.

Travelling to Paraa Safari lodge by use of Air transport.

 Visitors planning to travel are encouraged to book their chattered flights, which will take about one hour from Entebbe International Airport and head to Pakuba airstrip, or Bugungu airstrip, which are located within Murchison, falls national park.  Soon as the visitors arrive at Bugungu airstrip or Pakuba airstrip, they can carry on by taking a 45 minutes’ drive to reach Paraa safari lodge.

Travelling to Paraa Safari lodge by Road transport means.

Tourists planning to travel to Paraa safari lodge should note that this lodge is approximately 5-6 hours and covers a distance of 300 kilometers from Kampala city while using road transport means.  However, before visitors travel, they are advised to use a 4 by 4 wheel vehicles, which make it easy for them most especially during the rainy season when the roads leading to the national park are slippery.  Therefore, visitors will travel from Entebbe International airport to paraa safari lodge and this journey will take them about 6 hours while covering a distance of 340 square kilometers.

More so, Visitors can also use a tarmac highway, which takes about 170 kilometers before turning on the left road to Masindi town, which also covers a distance of 45 square kilometers.

Visitors can also travel to Paraa safari lodge through travelling from Kampala city and decide to use Kampala- Gulu highway road, which crosses over to Bwaise along Bombo road.

Visitors travelling to Paraa safari lodge can branch off from Gulu road to Masindi after crossing over the bridge at Kafu and then they can make a stopover in Masindi district, which is about 45 kilometers ahead.

The rest of the remaining journey covers about 85 kilometers and it starts from the sign posted junction, which is staged near Masindi Hotel, and shell fuel station, which is about 2 kilometers from the town/ trading center. They further use the murrum road, which heads straight to Murchison, falls conservation area leading to Kichumbanyobo gate going for about 24 kilometers. More so, this murrum road also leads visitors to the Nile which is situated in South Paraa where the Uganda wildlife Authority ferry crosses over the Nile with an aim of reaching Paraa safari lodge which is located  the northern part of the park.

How to get to Paraa Safari Lodge
Paraa Safari Lodge

Travelers can also make stop overs at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is situated in a distance covering 120 kilometers from Kampala. The Rhino sanctuary is unique and famous because of its Rhinos. The Rhino sanctuary is known as the best destination where visitors can get a chance to look at the rhinos in their natural habitats.

Alternatively, visitors can travel to Paraa safari lodge via Karuma from Kafu bridge and then left from the Gulu high way that connects people to Packwach- Arua road and then move through the Tangi gate of Murchison Falls national park that lies off Arua road which takes a distance of about 112 kilometers from Karuma bridge due to fact that paraa safari lodge is just 2 kilometers away from Tangi gate.

Individuals who would love to use a ferry should note that the ferry operates at its scheduled intervals for example between 7am to 7pm. In addition, visitors who will need to use a ferry to cross from the southern bank of the river to the northern bank should be aware that would be charged an extra fee.

For tourists having their stay at Paraa safari lodge, they can engage themselves in many activities offered at the park and these include; Bird watching, Game drives, Chimpanzee trekking, Boat cruise on the Nile, Hiking to the top of the falls, Hot air balloon safaris, and guided nature walks and many others.

Therefore, due to the fact that Paraa safari lodge is located at the heart of the national park, it makes it a suitable and a perfect place where visitors to relax, unwind and get to enjoy all the beautiful nature with Murchison Falls national park.

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