Is mountain gorilla trekking in June the same as mountain gorilla trekking in February?

Is mountain gorilla trekking in June the same as mountain gorilla trekking in February? We would like to think despite the difference in months of mountain gorilla trekking the experience is the same because you still trek the same gorillas in the same habitat. so really, we don’t think there is a lot of difference apart from the months.

Mountain gorilla trekking is a popular safari activity in the east African region especially in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This safari activity takes you to any of the mountain gorilla habitats that are Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo and bwindi national park and mgahinga national park in Uganda.

And at these habitats you trek the mountainous forests until you get to the gorillas where you spend an hour in their presence observing them, taking pictures, learning about them and just enjoying their presence.

After the one hour you exit the forest and trek back to the starting point where you get a brief and then you head to your own agenda.

Basically, that’s what happens at a mountain gorilla trekking activity, whether it’s in February or June.

But to just highlight the difference in these months.

In terms of weather, June is a very dry month with almost zero rain, February on the other hand is a wet month with bits of showers here and there. But they are not heavy so they are manageable.

When it comes tourist traffic, June is the peak season for safaris so you will have many people going for the mountain gorilla trekking compared to February that is a low tourist month meaning not a lot of people are in the parks, so fewer people taking on trekking.

Prices of permits; well for both months prices of the permits are the same; unless there is a promotion. The mountain gorilla trekking permit prices are the same all through.

Is mountain gorilla trekking in June the same as mountain gorilla trekking in February?

In terms of gorilla behavior, in the wet months’ gorillas will go so deep into the forest to get shade from the rain and the water, in the sunny seasons however the gorillas will not go so deep. Meaning the trek in February may be longer than the trek in June.

In terms of parks admission; well in either June or February you will be admitted in a mountain gorilla park. The issue is the availability of trekking permits in June may be hard if you did not book them in advance. In February it may be the same case however because is a low safari season, you may be lucky and find some available mountain gorilla trekking permits in short notice.

So those are the difference we see that may be there in June and February in terms of mountain gorillas trekking; but we assure you the experience is the same and all you do is the same.

You also have to keep the same rules that include but not limited to; – not trekking while you are sick, keeping a 7-meter distance between you and the gorillas, not engaging in anything that can harm the gorillas, not coughing or sneezing into the gorillas, not feeding the gorillas, not touching the gorillas, not using flash photography, not making funny noises while Infront of the gorillas among other rules.

So, from the explanations above you can see that there is really no, big difference between mountain gorilla trekking in June and mountain gorilla trekking in February.

And on that note, you should know that across the three countries with mountain gorillas, mountain gorilla trekking can be done anytime of the year.

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