Lake Albert Delta – Nile

Lake Albert Delta – Nile

Lake Albert Delta

Lake Albert delta is the expense of the low land where the Victoria Nile enters Lake Albert as a sluggish stream in a swampy delta. The Lake Albert delta is a significant area for safaris in Murchison falls national park. This is because it is a home for a lot of bird species and it is a target point for a lot of birders to do birding safaris in Murchison falls national park. The Lake Albert delta is found in the south western side of Murchison falls national park. The main river semliki brings into Lake Albert, the waters from Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth national park, the water from the Congo escarpment and a lot of rain from the rwenzori ranges, leads to the building of the large alluvial plains. Over the years, the silt deposition process led to the formation of small suds at the point where the Nile enters into Lake Albert, the largest rift valley lake in east Africa.

The Albert delta is a stretch of water where the tranquil Victoria Nile gently flows and pours it waters into Lake Albert. The delta is associated with beautiful scenery of the varying vegetation and the view of the flow of the Nile as it splits to form small islands and tributaries, at the point it joins Lake Albert. The water in the delta squeezes in the narrow flow gushing over rocks producing a roaring sound.

The morning trip to the delta is the best to sail downstream. It is a 20 km long voyage, from paraa to the swampy delta a home for wetland birds, however, private itineraries are made to suite into a personal time schedule for ones planned trip. From the baker viewpoint on the southern side, you can view the Nile as it meanders from the small suds in the water, which forms the uhuru falls; believed to have been formed in 1962 when the Nile burst its banks.

What to do at the Lake Albert Delta

The down the stream boat cruise from paraa is ideal opportunity to see the delta, however, it can also be an activity on its own. The delta is associated with unique and special bird species some of which are even endemic to only Murchison falls national park for example, the yellow footed kingfisher, goliath heron, great egrets, the African fish eagles among others. The prehistoric sought after, shoebill is the most interesting for the birders that take on the visit to the albert delta, and you stand a great chance to spot it in the swamps by the river banks.

At the Albert delta, you can also enjoy the view of the Congo mountain ranges with the undulating forested horizons. At the delta you can take your time and dedicate it to learning about the birds whilst taking photographs and perhaps, also do some drawing, if at all you are a good fine artist.

Note: The Nile – lake albert delta is a recognised ramsar site and with number 1640 and it is regarded as the Murchison falls albert delta wetland system; this was gazetted on 15th/ 09/2006. The albert delta is also a recognised important birding area by birding international.

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