Murchison falls national park rates

Murchison falls national park rates

Murchison falls national park rates: Murchison falls national park is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda found in north western Uganda, this spectacular tourist destination covers an area of 4000 square kilometers which contains various.

Murchison falls national park’s major attraction is the magnificent Murchison falls, the park is a habitant to 76 mammals species and 450 bird species, the park offers the following activities to tourists upon your visit

  • Hiking to the top of the falls
  • Game drive both night and day
  • Sports fishing
  • White water rafting
  • Bird watching
  • Launch cruise to the bottom of the falls

Murchison falls National Park is managed and operated by Uganda wildlife Authority, Uganda wildlife authority is responsible for all national parks and protected areas in Uganda. In that sense it is it’s responsible to draft rates charged for each any every activity offered in Murchison falls national park, according to the draft presented by Uganda wildlife authority the following charges are charged to each and every individual upon accessing Murchison falls national park and participating in any of their activity.

Rates paid before you access Murchison falls national park are categorized into three following the status of the tourists that is

  • Foreign residents – foreign tourists living in Uganda with a valid working permit
  • Foreign non-resident tourists- tourists not living or even working in Uganda
  • East Africa resident- tourists from Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Murchison falls national park rates are as follows

Park entry rates

Park entry rates are payable by any individual accessing the park, this rate permits you to get into the park

ADULTSEast African residents20,000/= UGx
Foreign residentsUS$ 30
Foreign non-residentsUS$ 40
CHILDRENEast African residents5,000/=
Foreign residentsUS$ 10
Foreign non-residentsUS$ 20

For education purposes rates include

Ugandan pupils and students                                     3000 UGx

Uganda wildlife clubs                                                     2000 UGx

Uganda tertiary institutions and universities        5,000 UGx

Annual park entry rates

Annual park entry rates are paid once in a year and allows free access to the park throughout the year, only residents and foreign residents are eligible to the rates, annual park entry fees are not eligible to foreign non-residents and they are payable in form of individual, couple and family. Family is meant to have a maximum of 4 individuals.

INDIVIDUALResident UGx 150,000
Foreign resident US$ 300
COUPLEResidentUGx 200,000
Foreign residentUS$ 500
FAMILY (OF 4 individuals maximum)ResidentUGx 300,000
Foreign residentUS$ 700

Tour operator rates

These rates are for companies and organisations offers safaris and tours to tourists and this is payed annually

Resident                                              125000 UGx

Foreign resident                               US$ 50

Drivers’ and safari guide rates

These rates are charged to drivers in charge of vehicles entering Murchison falls national park, since tour companies pay annual fee their company drivers do not pay any rate.

Taxi drivers pay 100,000 UGx

Safari guides pay 100,000 UGx

Annual cooperate rates

These rates are paid by companies and organisations on an annual basis and are charged according to the status of the organisation or company (only resident and foreign resident organisations are eligible for annual cooperated rates)

Foreign residents – 1,500 US$

Residents             –    2,500,000 UGx

Vehicle boat and air craft rates

This rate is charged for any kind of car, aircraft and boat performing any activity in the park

Vehicle rates

Type of vehicleStatusRates
MotorcyclesUgandanUGx 10,000
East AfricanUS$ 5
ForeignUS$ 30
SALOON CARSUgandanUGx 20,000
East AfricanUS$ 10
ForeignUS$ 40
Mini buses/ Omni busesUgandanUGx 30,000
East AfricanUS$ 15
ForeignUS$ 50
Pickups and 4WDUgandanUGx 30,000
East AfricanUS$ 15
ForeignUS$ 50
Tour company vehiclesUgandanUGx 30,000
East AfricanUS$ 15
ForeignUS$ 120
Buses and lorriesUgandanUGx 150,000
East AfricanUS$ 75
ForeignUS$ 150
School buses


UgandanUGx 50,000
East AfricanUS$ 25
Delivery vehiclesUgandanUGx 20,000
East AfricanUS$ 10

Boat rates

Boat rates are paid by boat and launch vessels offering boat rides and launch cruise in Murchison falls National Park, these rates are paid according to the status and sitting capacity of the vessel.

Private launch (15 seaters and above)ForeignUS$ 150
UgandanUGx 150,000
Private boat (up to 15 seater)ForeignUS$ 50
UgandanUGx 50,000

Aircraft rates

Aircrafts rates are paid by all aircrafts landing in the park and are taxed according to carrying capacity of the vessel and they exclude rates for individual passengers.

Type Status Rate
Gliders and micro lights ForeignUS$ 10
 UgandanUGX 20,000
3 seater Foreigner US$ 20
 Ugandan UGX 40,000
4-6 seater ForeignUS$ 30
 Ugandan UGX 60,000
7-14 seater ForeignUS$ 40
 UgandanUGX 80,000
15-20 seater foreignUS$ 50
 Ugandan UGX 100,000
21 seats and above ForeignUS$  60
 Ugandan UGX 120,000
Helicopter Foreign US$ 100
 Ugandan UGX 250,000

Parking rates – 5000 UGx per day

Activity rates

Each rate offered in Murchison falls is offered at a rate which is paid by the tourists as a permit allowing you to participate in that activity, these rates were drafted according to the status of the tourist.

Activity Foreign residents (US$)Non-foreign residents


East African residents


Game driveDay 202020,000
Night 100100100,000
Launch trip to bottom of the falls 303030,000
Ferry crossing —————-———-
Hiking to the top of the falls 151010,000
Sports fishing 505050 US$
White water rafting 505050,000
Bird watching 3030100,000

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