Murchison Falls National Park Weather

Murchison Falls National Park Weather

Murchison Falls National Park Weather;

Murchison falls national park is located astride the equator on coordinates 02 °11’15.0’’N and 31°46’53.0’’E (latitude 2.187499, and longitude 31.781400), perhaps, it is the reason as to why the weather happens the way it is. Murchison falls national park extends from the shores of lake albert to the inland to districts like nwoya,buliisa, kiryandongo and parts of masindi district. Murchison falls national park lies on altitude 615m – 1187m above sea level and the temperatures drop by 6.5°c by every 1000m rise in the altitude, therefore, the parts of Murchison falls on a high altitude experience slightly lower temperatures.

Murchison falls National Park weather is a tropical climate area and also hot for the fact it is near to the equator. The temperatures of  Murchison falls national  park are mainly common and uniform all through the national park  all year long. The day time sees higher temperatures of about 33 °C or 88 ° F on the other hand, the night seen lower temperatures and at times cold of about 18 °C or 64 °F.

Murchison falls national park receives rainfall in the wet season. The wet season is also the low season  and it happens in the months of april to may and august to October. Here in Uganda it doesn’t mean rain day and night, so, you might not see days for quite long during the wet season, but when it rains, it rains cats and dogs and all roads in the national park are most likely to become impassable. Most of the activities in Murchison falls national park happen to be hard to do due to the fact that the ground becomes so dump and slippery hindering hiking, game drives, birding, and other activities in Murchison falls national park.

On the other hand, the dry season is so hot with average temperature of 38 °C and dry, making it so possible for the spotting of the lions and other animals in the national park. The dry season happens in the months of December to February and June to September, it is also the dry season is the peak tourism season in Murchison falls national park.  Plus, it is so easy to spot the wildlife in the dry season; all the animals come out to the main water source, which is the Victoria Nile. This fact makes the boat cruise a thrilling one, for you can spot almost all game along the shores of the Victoria Nile. Hiking to the top of the falls is best done in the dry season.

Also the dry season is good for chimpanzee tracking in budongo forest and kaniyo pabidi forest, the chimpanzee tracking trails are clear and dry during the peak season. Also the chances of getting malaria are very low during the dry season; there happens to be no mosquitoes because all the water ponds dry up leaving no breeding ground for mosquitoes. To note, January and February are the hottest months of the dry season.

Despite the fact that it is the dry season, this is Africa with no fixed weather and because Uganda lies astride the equator and experiencing tropical climate, the rain might fall any time of the year, if not so, at least, an afternoon drizzle might happen in the dry season, this is Africa.

 It is so true that the dry season is favorable for the Murchison park activities and yes it is the peak season. But have you thought about the beauty that the Murchison falls national park when all the grass is green, and the trees are all verdant, plus the blossomed flowers along the hike trails and the forest undergrowth is blooming?  The wet season is the best time you can see the true beauty of Murchison falls national park, and a photo shoot can be so spectacular during the wet season.

Murchison falls National Park is open all year long despite the variations and the season changes. You can also choose to take up the cheap rates of the accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national park during the low season and also enjoy the free adventure with limited people in the national park.

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