Murchison Falls Saved?

Murchison falls saved?

Murchison falls saved? It is a question still asked by a lot of citizens, and other tourism stakeholders plus the ring leader, AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), who led the protest against the fate that was going to befall Murchison falls. Murchison Falls is located in Murchison falls national park located in northeastern Uganda in Kiryandongo and Nwoya district. Despite the pressure and love that was exhibited on the fateful day that was entitled “save Murchison”. It still looks like there was almost nothing that was put into action until this day.

Origin of the issue

It was a lot of enthusiasm, recently last month on the 9th of June 2019, exhibited by the furious tourist stakeholders all over the world who were led by the authority of Uganda tour operators to fight the ill fate that was soon going to befall the magnificent Murchison falls national park, as it was petitioned to be leased or even sold to a South African company called Bonang power and energy (pty) limited.

The summoning of the press conference by the association of Uganda tour operators (AUTO) followed evidence derived from the advert of the new vision by the electricity regulatory authority (ERA) on the 7th of June 2019. The advert was about an intended application for a license that was sent by the South African company called Bonang Power and Energy (pty) Limited. The bonang power and energy (pty) limited showed a lot of love to construct a hydropower dam near the falls, however, the coordinates pointed to the real Murchison falls, in Kiryandongo and Nwoya districts.

Head of AUTO – Everest Kayondo

According to the public notice by the association of Uganda tour operators, the first phase of the fight to save Murchison falls showed a level of triumph. AUTO addressed an n objection ultimatum to the electricity regulatory authority and then issued its petition to the President of the Republic of Uganda, his excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 11th of June 2019. However, there has been no response to the prayer of the AUTO members and other tourism stakeholders.

Perhaps, the long wait is the reason as to why the save Murchison falls saga is provoked and resulting in the summoning of the press conference. According to the rumors around the internet, the magnificent falls might still be in real danger and close to the black hole which is going to swallow all the biodiversity and beauty of Murchison falls national park.

Issue at hand

AUTO called for the press conference to address the public about the issue that was left pending about saving Murchison falls from being tampered with for the generation of hydropower by a South African. It is a lot of fear for the tour consultants and tour operators that have been getting clients because of the presence of the magnificent waterfall Murchison falls are one of the most magnificent natural possessions in Uganda.

The press conference of AUTO is aiming at repeating again the members’ condemnation of the idea to construct a hydropower dam at the falls in Murchison falls national park. According to AUTO, the delayed response to the request made by the AUTO members and other tourism stakeholders is seen as an act of undermining their efforts of fighting for the conservation of nature.

Murchison Falls

Besides, Murchison falls in an internationally owned nature feature according to the intergovernmental environmental treat which was established in 1971 by UNESCO, which Uganda is also part of. Therefore, tampering with Murchison falls national park is not only a battle for AUTO, and the members, but the entire world including all the conservationist organizations all around the globe. The struggle continues as the question stills hangs, Murchison falls saved?

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