Park Entrance Fees

Park Entrance Fees

Park Entrance Fees

Park Entrance Fees: Murchison falls National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda. The park covers an area of about 4000 square kilometers with many attractions to be encountered during your tour to Uganda, Murchison falls national park harbors the big five animals, 76 mammal species, reptiles, over 450 bird species, different tree species, the  Nile River, Murchison falls and many more panoramic views.

Park entry fees (people)

Murchison fall

s national park is governed by the Uganda wildlife authority a body that is responsible for all national parks and conservation areas in Uganda, the parks entry fee prices are most times valid for two years but can be subject to change anytime. The entry fee to Murchison falls national park can be seen below.

Foreign residents (East Africa)

Adults 30 Us dollars per person

Children 10 Us dollars per child

East African citizens

Adult 6 Us dollars per person ( 15000 UGx)

Children 2 Us dollars per child ( 5000UGx)

Foreign non residents

Adults 40 Us dollars per person

Children 20 Us dollars per person

Park entry fee for vehicles, boats and aircrafts


Nb: landing fee excludes payable fee by passengers

Gliders and micro lights

Foreign 10 USD

Uganda 20,000 Shs

3 seater

Foreign 20 USD

Uganda 40,000Shs

4-6 seater

Foreign 30 USD

Uganda 60,000 Shs

7-14 seater

40 USD

80,000 Shs

15-20 seater

Foreign 50 USD

Uganda 100,000Shs

21 seats and above

Foreign 60 USD

Uganda 120,000 Shs


Foreign 100 USD

Uganda 250,000 Shs

Parking fee is UGx 5000 per day


Private launches 15 and above seater

Foreign 150 USD

Uganda 150,000 Shs

Private boats up to 15 seater

Foreign 50 USD

Uganda 50,000 Shs


Tour company vehicles.

Foreign 100 USD

Uganda 30,000 Shs

Buses and lorries

Foreign 150 USD

Uganda 150,000 Shs

Private mini and Omni buses

Foreign 100 USD

Uganda 30,000

Pick ups and four wheel drive private cars

Foreign 150 USD

Uganda 30,000 Shs

Motor cycles

Foreign 30 USD

Uganda 10,000 Shs

Saloon cars

Foreign 50 USD

Uganda 20,000 Shs

Ferry crossing at Murchison falls

Passengers and driver’s

5000 UGx

Very heavy vehicles 10-20 tonnes

150,000 UGx

Heavy vehicles 5-10 tonnes

80,000 UGx

Medium vehicles 2-5 tonnes

40,000 UGx

Small vehicles of 2 and less tonnes

20,000 UGx

The prices scheduled for ferry crossing are for one day for visitors staying at the park and one way for cars on transit.

Special permits to all conservation areas per year to foreign residents and Uganda only


Foreign 350,000 USD

Uganda 150,000 Shs


Foreign 500 USD

Uganda 200,000


Maximum of four children below 15 years of age.

Foreign xhimownze700 USD

Uganda 300,00 Shs

Co-operate groups

10 cards annually

Foreign 1,500 USD

Uganda 1000 USD

Tour operator

Foreign 50 USD

Uganda 50 USD

All the parks entrance fee doesn’t include activities fee like chimpanzee trekking.

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