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Park Entry Fees | Murchison Falls National

Park entry fees are regulated by the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA). They are well stipulated in the park entry fees document of 2018-2019, you can find it on the Uganda wildlife authority website. The Murchison falls national park entry fees do not guarantee all the activities in the park. They only allow you to have access to the protected area. For the activities are also priced individually basing on the nature and type of the activity.

Murchison falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda followed by queen Elizabeth national park. Murchison falls national park is located about 90 km from masindi town and situated in the north end of the albertine rift valley. The park is bisected by Victoria Nile into the northern part of chobe and the southern part of paraa. The name of the park is got from the phenomenal, actually the major attraction, Murchison falls.

Individual park entry fees

The park entry fees to Murchison falls national park are divided into categories; entrance for individual persons, vehicles, air crafts among others. The individual entrance fees are further divided basing on the status of the guest; it is on this ground that the charge is stipulated as follows.

A foreign non-resident guest is expected to pay an entrance fee of 40 USD, 30 USD for the foreign resident guest and UGX 20000 for the East African Community. However the children are charged 20 USD, 10 USD and UGX 5000 for foreign non-resident, foreign resident and east African citizen respectively.  You have to know that the park entry fees are so independent of the activities and other services within Murchison falls national park. They are also payable per person per day, so the amount slightly increases basing on the number of days an individual is supposed to stay in the national park.

Annual park entray charge

On a contrary, you can choose to pay for the whole year also known as the annual entry fee or charge; however, this is only applied to the foreign residents and guests who are citizens of the east African citizens. The foreign residents are entitled to 350 USD and UGX 150000 for the east African citizens. However, a family with a maximum of four children are entitled to 700 USD and UGX 300000 for the citizens of east Africa.

The annual park entry fees charge for a corporate group or company is 1500 USD for the foreign resident and UGX 2.5million for the east African community as annual charge. The safari guides are supposed to pay UGX 10000 annually, for a permission to enter Murchison falls national park. On the other hand, the drivers are supposed to pay UGX 100000, annually, to enter into Murchison falls national park, however, the tour company drivers are exempted from any entry charges to Murchison falls national park or any other national park in Uganda.  The tour operators who are foreign residents of Uganda are entitled to 50 USD as annual park entry charge and UGX 125000 for the east African tour operators, annually.

Vehicle and aircrafts entry charge

The vehicle entry charge is bases on the kind of the car, the size of the car and the time it is supposed to be in the park. The saloon cars for foreign non-resident guests to Murchison falls national park are charged 40 USD , 5 USD for the foreign residents and UGX 20000 for the vehicles that are registered for the east African community.

The mini buses entering Murchison falls national park and register for foreign non-residents is 50 USD, 10 USD for the foreign residents and finally UGX 30000. Pick-ups and for wheel cares are also charged differently; 50 USD, 15 USD and UGX 30000 for foreign non-residents, foreign residents and east African citizens respectively. And finally, the aircrafts are charged UGX 50000 for parking which is uniform for all air strips in the national parks Murchison falls inclusive.

To note, the park parking fee is levied on a daily basis and the en route pilots are not charged if at all they do not stay for more than 2 minutes with in Murchison falls national park. Also the vehicle entry fees are independent of the entry fees for the passengers in it.

What to know about Murchison falls national park entry fees

  • The foreign residents are required to present their working permits valid for a minimum of one year.
  • The foreign non-residents should present their passport in order to be provided with the entrance forms to Murchison falls national park.
  • The East African community citizens are required to present their national identification cards at all entrances in order to get the permission to enter Murchison falls national park.

Park Entry Fees for Murchison falls national park are stipulated by the government body responsible for all he protected areas in Uganda, which is called the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA). The park entry fees are categorised in groups basing on the type of payment. The major park entry fee is the entry fee; without paying entrance, there is nothing you can do in Murchison falls national park. However, also all the activities you do in the park are charged per person, same applies to all accommodation services inside the national park. To note; the accommodation for Uganda wildlife authority is much way cheaper compared  to the privately owned safari lodges or hotels, you can surely use the UWA dormitories for your budget safari in Murchison falls national park.

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