Rabongo forest

Rabongo forest

Rabongo forest is a splendid forest tucked in the north Western part of Uganda in Murchison falls national park. Rabongo forest is an ideal place to do guided nature walks providing serene beauty and being a birders paradise, the forest also harbors  a number of primates species like: the black and white Columbus monkeys, olive baboon, red tailed monkey and the blue monkey among the rest.

Rabongo forest is perched on an island covered with riverine forest and not situated very far from Paraa area,  Tourists can camp or picnic in the river Waiting which is in the forest this forest can be accessed by car or on foot depending on tourists starting point for a nature walk. Rabongo forest is also a home to Chimpanzees and tourists can do chimpanzee trekking from here. For tourists on research programs, there are a lot medical plants and trees species to be seen.

Some of the birds here are endangered species, examples of birds in Rabongo forest are; ituri batis, white thihornbill, footedflycatcher, the green sunbird, Sabine’sspine tail, brown twin spot and rufous sided broadbill among the rest.

There are also a lot of butterfly species in this forest the most used route is Kampala to Masindi and pass via Kichumbanyobo gate of the park, the other route is en route via Masindi south of Paraa.

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