Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing in murchison falls national park

Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is an activity you can do to revamp your African wilderness travel experience. Sport fishing in Uganda is a rewarding activity for an avid angler with eager and love for real adventure in the African wilderness.

Murchison falls National Park is found in north western Uganda. It is about 340 km North West from Kampala capital city to Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls is at most 6 hours’ drive from Kampala, however the national park can be accessed by air, and fastest means to reach Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls national park is bisected by the River Nile creating its two sides; chobe and paraa sides. It is the River Nile that makes sports fishing an unforgettable experience because it provides the best fishing area for the large fish species like he Nile perch.

During sport fishing you get a chance to see the biggest edible fish species, the Nile perch, you can also catch other fish like cat fish, tiger fish, electric cat fish, and the most delicacy for the fishermen, tilapia. However, the sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is not regular fishing for food, rather, it is based on a catch and release basis.

In Murchison falls national park, there are a number of fishing spots, you can either choose to fish on boat or besides the Nile (on the river banks). The bottom of the falls has proved itself for being the best site for sport fishing in Murchison falls national park. To note, sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is charged with a fee of USD 50 for a day and USD 150 for four days; the fees are independent of the other park fees and entrance fees.

Sport fishing is done using the modern fishing techniques and technologies to ensure safety for the anglers. The modern fishing techniques are also applied during the spot fishing activity to ensure sustainability for the fish. Perhaps, it is also the same reason as to why the “catch and release” technique is the basis for the sport fishing.

When is it best for spot fishing?

Murchison falls national park is an open protected and ready to receive visitors at any time all year long, therefore, you can visit Murchison falls national park any time of the year for your sport fishing. However, sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is best done in the dry season; January to march and July to October, during the dry season the temperatures tend to be so hot about 38 degrees Celsius.

The roar of the falls behind you with the lush of tropical forest vegetation makes the fishing experience a thrilling one and more, if you reel an enormous Nile perch. Sport fishing is supplemented with a large reflection of beauty made up from the stunning scenery of the park. The weather of Murchison falls national park is also favorable for spot fishing, during the day the temperatures raise to 38 degrees Celsius, the uniquely selected wildlife makes sport fishing a spectacular “must do” activity.

The hot temperature during the dry season tend to pause challenges for the anglers during sport fishing, therefore, it is a good idea to know what you require to not get interrupted by the harsh northern Uganda climate;

  • A sun screen will shield you from the direct sun rays that might spoil your sport fishing activity.
  • A hut will also protect your face from the effect of too much sun light.
  • Despite the heat, a long sleeved shirt is recommended for sport fishing; it can help to prevent insect bites. Also insect repellants will help safe guard you from mosquitos and tsetse flies.

With the above, this king of fishing in Murchison falls national park will be truly rewarding with delightful experience. Holding that large Nile perch and reeling it to your boat will propel your excitement, you can also take some photos with your large fish.

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