Top activities at Sezibwa falls

Top activities at Sezibwa falls

Top activities at Sezibwa falls

Top activities at Sezibwa falls are the interesting things that travelers should engage in to spice up their tour at Sezibwa falls. The Sezibwa falls are located 32 kilometers along the Kampala-Jinja highway, the Sezibwa falls are a result of water squeezing through a narrow opening of rocks and dropping at great speed into a large pool that is about 14 meters deep. The falls are characterized by several rocks with sharp edges and a large pool below and offer beautiful views of waterfalls, bird species among others.

The name Sezibwa is derived from a Luganda phrase referring to something endless and the falls are considered important cultural and spiritual site for the Baganda people in that they believe in the supernatural powers on the river Sezibwa. There is a traditional legend believed concerning the origin of Sezibwa River and Sezibwa falls according to the Baganda people living in the area. Its believed that a woman named (Nakangu Tebatuusa) had an issue with her husband who was named (Nsubuga Sebwaata) and she left her marital home to her parents home. Her father told her to go back to her husband and sort out their marital issues and she was escorted by her mother who left her close to her home. As she approached her marital home she got tired and as she rested she gave birth to twins in form of water which became River Sezibwa and Bwanda.

 Top Activities at Sezibwa falls

Bird watching

Sezibwa falls is a home of over 200 recorded bird species which makes it one of the birding areas in Uganda. There are various bird habitats such as forest, water, gardens where bird lovers will be able to spot different bird species such as long tailed cormorants, African finfoot, paradise flycatcher, blue spotted wood dove, great blue turaco, emerald cuckoo, red billed paradise flycatcher, black necked weaver, red headed malimbe, olive bellied sunbird, hadada ibis, fan tailed widowbird, ashy flycatcher, ross’s turaco, yellow fronted canary, speckled mouse bird, toro olive greenbul, white throated bee-eater, western nicator, yellow wagtail, speckled mouse bird, striped kingfisher, lizard buzzard, grey headed sparrow, red eyed dove, dark capped bulbul, grey backed  carmaroptera, African pygmy kingfisher, African ground thrush among others. 

Rock climbing at Sezibwa falls

Rock climbing is one of the adventurous activities that visitors can engage in during the tour at Sezibwa falls. Rock climbing is an interesting and challenging activity that requires physically and mentally fit visitors so as to enjoy and have great experiences. Sezibwa falls has big sharp rocks across the falls and during rock climbing visitors will be able to climb up to the top of the rocks, slope down the falls and also move across the rock until you reach at the designated endpoint. While climbing you will encounter wildlife species such as lizards, skinks, snakes among others and when you reach on top you will have spectacular views of the waterfalls, river Sempaya among others. Visitors who want to take park in the rock climbing are required to wear protective gears such as headgears because sometimes accidents do happen though they are not common.

Cultural experience

During your tour at Sezibwa falls you will also engage in an amazing cultural experience where you will be able to interact with the local people in the community. During the cultural experience you will be lead by an experience local guide who will take you to different areas for example around the falls where you will visit shrines for the traditional doctors where the local people come for worship and perform cultural rituals, the traditional healer who remove curses from people, visit primary schools, sugarcane and tea plantations among others. Visitors who engage in cultural experiences will be able to learn about the ancient cultural practices of the local people, learn about their ancient gods among others.

Guided nature walks/hiking

This is an exciting activity at Sezibwa falls which gives you an opportunity to get up-close and personal with wildlife. During the nature walks you will be accompanies by a tour guide who will help  you walk around the falls, forest, farms where you will have stunning views of tree species like Mahogany, Bamboo, Fig tree, Musizi, Eucalyptus, Ebony trees, plant species which are used by traditional doctors/healers, different animals like wild cats, mongoose, bird species, primates like vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, beautiful butterflies, reptiles like squirrels, lizards, snakes like African cobra, green mamba among others. During the nature walks you will also be able to breathe fresh air and relax your mind. 


Sezibwa falls has neat grounds that are strategically located near the waterfalls for visitors who prefer camping. During camping visitors will listen to great sounds of the waterfalls, sweet sounds of birds, wildlife around, enjoy the cool environment among others which makes it one of the best places for camping. Food and drinks can be got from Sezibwa falls Resort though you can also come with your own food depending on your preference.

Best time to visit Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls can be visited all year round though the best time is during the dry season in the months of June to September and December to February. During this period there is less rainfall therefore walking and hiking trails will be passable compared to the wet season when the trails are slippery.

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