Uganda Tour Operators

Uganda Tour Operators

Planning a safari to Uganda? Below are some of the genuine Uganda safari companies you can use for the best experience.

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-764-687-041

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670

Explore Tanzania Tours

With over 300 Uganda tour operators, it can be a hustle finding an operator that will deliver the kind of safari you want. So many factors have to be considered which you might not know. We might have saved you the journey of going through various hierarchies of proceedings to spot out a tours and travel operator you can use by listing a few above but you also ought to know the criteria that will help you spot out a good one.


Experience comes with lots of knowledge and expertise. Companies that have a lot of experience have done a good number of safaris before and are much knowledgeable. They can easily tailor for you a good package. Companies that lack experience are unlikely to offer you the kind of services you want. This is however hard to tell but not so hard to judge. A new company with no reviews might seem to lack experience to you but in most scenarios the proprietors of such businesses could have worked for so long in the tourism industry. In such cases, the company indirectly has experience and can be trusted. The best way to tell is to carry out your research prior and try to compare the information with some of the facts you read online.

Package and Pricing

Every tourist wants a good package with the best pricing. If the package is good, has short driving hours and more activities. It is a good one. If you can afford, go ahead and pay for it. If it is too low, caution it and carry further research as cheap stuff usually come with less consequences.


The best way to judge a company is check on how well they’ve done in the past. You should befriend TripAdvisor and SafariBookings. If you see a lot of negative reviews, stay away from that company and choose one that has good reviews. If the reviews are less but the package is good, try and follow your instincts. On so many occasions have small companies done better than the big dogs.

Affiliations and Memberships

Organisations like AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) have managed to maintain a genuine list of good safari companies. Any company that engages in fraud or any dubious acts is blacklisted on spot. Check through their membership page for good safari companies.

Customer touch

The same way a company handles you for your first inquiry is the same way they will handle you for the last. If the treatment is not good or communication is not poor, refrain from that operator and deal with the next. By the time you remit funds for a deposit, ensure some level of trust has been built already. Also, give a heads high to most responsive operator.

Bonus Tip: Do not inquire with only one operator. Send out your inquiries to several of them and make comparisons. Your selection criteria should be based on factors like pricing, reviews and more.

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