Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Uganda Wildlife Safari

Uganda Wildlife Safari

Uganda Wildlife Safari; The true pearly nature of Uganda is exhibited in its wildlife; a true gift of Mother Nature. Uganda is a home of classic and uniquely selected wild game or animals including the big five; the black rhinos got extinct in kidepo valley national park; however you can have the rhino experience in ziwa rhino sanctuary for the white cape rhinos. Uganda national parks are bountifully endowed with buffaloes, impalas, Rothschild’s giraffes (main found in Murchison falls national park), elands, hartebeest, cheetah only found in kidepo valley national park, topis, Burchell’s zebras, warthogs, oribis, bush bucks, jackals among others. These are just a few of the uganda wildlife safari attractions.

In fact, most of the travellers that have been visiting Uganda over the years, their major interest in Uganda was its unique wild setting and how the wildlife assembles in the national parks of Uganda, plus, special birds endemic to Uganda only. Truly Uganda’s tourism backbone is the nature or natural resources garnished with authenticity that travellers miss out to experience when they find the animals in zoos and caged in parks. Uganda immersed in an abound natural attraction for you to enjoy from gorilla trekking to game drive adventures or just a memorable experience of an authentic African culture such as the ik of kidepo valley national park  and batwa of mgahinga national park.

Your Uganda wildlife safari is so awesome when done in the natural setting of the national parks. Each national park in Uganda is unique with unique selection of wildlife and birds. The following are the major national parks of Uganda with the unique wildlife each possesses;

Murchison falls national park is found in the north western Uganda covering the districts of buliisa, pakwach and nwoya among others. Murchison falls is the largest national park in Uganda having two spheres; north called chobe and the south called paraa. Murchison falls national park is famous for its big five safari, even though the white rhinos are not found inside the national park, ziwa rhino sanctuary is located at nakasongola; en route to Murchison falls national park. It is Murchison falls national park that can give you an opportunity to spot the prehistoric sought after bird called the shoe bill stork. The shoe bills can easily be spotted at the Albert delta.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second largest national park in Uganda located in the south western region of Uganda spanning over a number of districts like; kasese, rubirizi,  and fort portal among others. Queen Elizabeth National Park has a majestic history from the queen’s visit in 1952 that gave birth to its current name later in 1954 when it was gazetted and renamed from kazinga to Queen Elizabeth national park after the queen of England. Queen Elizabeth is famous on the world’s best destinations because of the tree climbing lions of ishasha. They make the uganda wild safari a highlight. The tree climbing lions of ishasha are many times the reason for tourists to visit queen Elizabeth national park. The kazinga channel boat cruise sums up all the wild life and combines them with the unique and common bird species spotted along the shoreline of kazinga channel and Lake George.

Lake mburo is found in mbarara district, en route from masaka to mbarara via the masaka – mbarara highway. Lake mburo national park is the only national park in Uganda where you can do the nature walk on foot. Lake mburo national park is nature and beautiful with spectacular hills, and other lakes that harbor numbers of wild animals like zebras, antelopes, crocodiles,  et cetera and birds mainly water birds like the king fishers, African fish eagles, swamp birds such as herons among others.

Bwindi impenetrable national park has a big name in the whole world as being the best national park with almost half of the mountain gorillas in the world. Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in the extreme south western part of Uganda; the park occupies part of the virunga ranges that border Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. Mountain gorilla trekking is a captivating and unforgettable experience; perhaps, mountain gorilla trekking is the main reason as to why a lot of tourists visit western Uganda for their Uganda wild safaris. There are gorillas in Congo and Rwanda, but bwindi impenetrable has quite a range of mountain gorilla families that make it easy for the trekkers to find them easily; even recently a new mountain gorilla family was found in the park. bwindi impenetrable national park also has other primate species and mountain birds ready for you to enjoy.

Kibale national park is renowned for the playful primate fellas that fill the jungle with fun. Kibale national park is referred to as the primate capital of the world. Kibale national park has over 1000 chimpanzees and some of which are habituated to elevate your experience with these fellas. It is in kibale national park where you can find the forest elephants; they are different from the savannah elephants because they develop some fur on their bodies. Kibale national park is also a home for a number of forest birds; it has over 35o bird species some of which are special birds like the African pitta, nahans fracolin, masked apalis among others.

Other national parks include; mountain Elgon national park ideal for its volcanic features, montane vegetation and wild life and birds such as the lammergier (endangered). Kidepo valley national park is found in the north eastern region of Uganda next to the border of Uganda and south sudan and Kenya. Kidepo valley ranks among the finest national parks in the world and it is a home of unique cultures like the karamajong pastoralists, plus the smallest ethnic group of the ik. Semliki national park is an awesome destination for birders; it has over 440 birds and 55 mammal species, plus the magnificent sempaya hot springs and beautiful butterflies among others. Mgahinga national park is also known for gorilla trekking plus the golden monkeys and other primates. Rwenzori national park lays on the foot hills of the famous snow caped rwenzori ranges also known as the mountains of the moon. Rwenzori national park is explored on foot and a lot of people love to hike up to the top. As you go up the vegetation cover keeps on changing with an increase in altitude.

Your Ugandan safari is always one of the kinds and will give you a chance to know true colors of nature. The hospitality of the Ugandan culture is great to give you the very best services beyond your expectations. You can book your Uganda wildlife safari any time of the year. However, the wet season offers you with an opportunity to save some dollars on the discounted activity and accommodation fees. Despite, the dry season is good for hiking, nature walks, chimpanzee trekking, and game viewing in the national parks of Uganda. To note, you can book with any trusted local tour operator any time of the year. You are welcome any time to the pearl of Africa.

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