What Is Murchison Falls Famous For?

What Is Murchison Falls Famous For? : Murchison falls is commonly visited and best known for being the most powerful waterfall in the whole world and it has great pressure, which makes the ground around it tremble. Murchison falls waters are forced through the gorge less than seven paces wide because every second, the equivalent number of around 200 bathtubs are always full. More so, these Murchison falls are located within Murchison falls national park, which is found in Masindi district within the Northern part of Uganda, and this national park is known to be the largest national park in the country covering a total surface area of about 3900 square kilometers. Murchison falls national park derived it name from these Murchison falls and Sir Samuel Baker named it after Sir Roderick Murchison who was the president of the Geographical society. In addition, Murchison falls national park was first gazette as a game reserve in the year of 1926 and later it was established as a national park in 1952, which also makes it, considered to be among the oldest national parks in Uganda.

Murchison falls were at first referred to as Kabalega falls and it is only spotted on the Nile River while coming out of Lake Victoria. The fun fact about the waters at this waterfall is that the water is always seen squeezing through the narrow gaps in between the rocks and this gap measures only 23 meters feet across and 141 feet before plunging down. Murchison falls national park is under the management of the government agency which is known as the Uganda Wildlife Authority which who have their major role and responsibility to protect and conserve all the national parks in the country and they have worked so hard to reduce poaching activities which normally lead to the reduction of the number of wildlife species within the country.  More so, Murchison falls national park doesn’t only have the Murchison falls as its main attraction but it is also known to be a home to around 76 mammal species such as; cape Buffalos, duikers, giraffes, African bush elephants, Nile crocodiles, antelopes, leopards, water bucks,  hippos, elands, and it is also among the best destinations for bird lovers to visit while on their safari in Uganda because it harbours around 451 bird species like; yellow billed stork, grey heron, widow bird, giant king fisher, great cormorant,  the rare shoebill stork among others. Swamp vegetation, savannah grasslands and woodlands and the dense forests, which act as good natural habitats for these beautiful wildlife species, surround this national park. in addition, exploring within Murchison falls national park also blesses you with great opportunities to engage in many interesting different activities like; hiking to the top of the falls, game drives, guided nature walks, boat cruises which are usually done on the River Nile, bird watching which is best done within Rabongo forest, sport fishing whereby tourists can go for fishing on the River Nile and be able to catch a number of fish species like; tilapia fish, tiger fish, cat fish and the Nile perch which is considered to be the largest fish that has ever been caught on the Nile. More so, some tourists can involve themselves in community visits whereby they visit neighbouring communities like; the Mubako community, cultural encounters where they get chances to interact with the Boomu women’s group, chimpanzee trekking and hot air ballooning among others.

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More so, apart from the Murchison falls, there are many other unique and interesting tourist attractions within this national park that lead many tourists to travel from all over the parts of the world which has also contributed a lot towards the growth and development of the tourism industry in Uganda. These attractions include; Wildlife viewing, stunning water bodies such as; River Nile and Lake Kyoga, Lake Victoria that is famously known as the largest lake in Uganda. more so, the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which is the only place where tourists can be able to sight see the endangered Rhino species in the country, Karuma falls which is found within the Northern part of Murchison falls national park in Chobe and many others, What Is Murchison Falls Famous For?

Accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national park.   

Tourists who travel from all the parts of the world with an aim of visiting the Murchison falls while on their safari in Uganda are also always blessed with great opportunities where they are being offered the best, affordable and comfortable lodges where they can stay while exploring through Murchison falls national park. however, these lodging facilities are ranged differently and put in different classes such as; they range from budget, mid-range and luxury which gives chances to visitors to choose where to stay according to their preferences and also choose where it matches with their budget. Therefore, these accommodation facilities include; Nile safari lodge, chobe safari lodge, Budongo Eco lodge, Kabalega wilderness lodge, Murchison safari lodge, Murchison river lodge, Parkside safari lodge, Yebo safari camp, Bakers lodge, Paraa safari lodge among others.

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