What to pack for Mount Bisoke hike

What to pack for Mount Bisoke hike : Mount Bisoke, also known as Visoke, is an active volcano situated in the Virunga Mountains of the Albertine Rift, which is the western branch of the East African Rift. While it straddles the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the summit itself is located within Rwanda. The mountain reaches an impressive elevation of 3,711 meters (12,175 feet) above sea level. It features an imposing crater lake and is a popular destination for day hikes. The steep slopes of Mount Bisoke are covered with equatorial rainforest and alpine meadows, creating a captivating environment for trekkers. Notably, it is one of the mountains that provide habitat for the endangered mountain gorilla. If you’re planning to explore this remarkable peak, be prepared for a steep but walkable climb

One of Mount Bisoke’s distinguishing features is its picturesque crater lake, known as Ngezi. This stunning natural wonder lies within the volcano’s caldera and adds to the mountain’s allure. The hike to the summit presents mesmerizing panoramic views of the surrounding lush rainforests, rolling hills, and neighboring volcanic peaks. Apart from its scenic beauty, Mount Bisoke holds great significance for conservation efforts and research. The mountain is home to a variety of endangered species, including the critically endangered mountain gorillas. The conservation initiatives in the area contribute to the preservation of these remarkable creatures and their fragile habitat.

For adventure seekers and nature lovers, Mount Bisoke offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the raw beauty of Rwanda’s landscape, immerse oneself in its rich biodiversity, and embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery.

 Apart from the crater lakes, which are the main reason for the trek, mount Bisoke is a home to a variety of magnificent tourist attraction, including the primates such as mountain gorillas, golden monkeys who are one of the Rwanda’s selling tourists attractions.

 Hiking mount Bisoke is one day activity that takes around 6 hours to reach the top and 2 hours to come back. The hike starts with the briefing at Kinigi where the park offices for the volcanoes national park are situated.

After the briefing, love adventure are transported to the climbing trailhead and accompanied over the well-noticeable pathways through the thorny horns at the mountain’s foot, ascending to the first Crater Lake before continuing to the top to see the second lake, where you will be rewarded with a variety of sights including primates like the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Hikers can also get an opportunity to see variety of other wildlife species such as cape buffaloes, forest elephants, plethora, lions and many more. Though you are not authorized to take any pictures with this primates   because they may be hostile and dangerous to human presence.

You will also be satisfied with a fascinating views of the whole Volcanoes national park including its dense forest and the boarder countries like Uganda and democratic republic of Congo from the peak

How long does it take to hike mount Bisoke hike

The hike is quite difficult yet manageable.  It usually takes just one day approximately 6 hours to climb to the peak and back, with 4 hours for ascent and 2 hours for descending. For experienced hikers need just 5 hours 3 hours going up and 2 hours coming back down

Packing list for visitors hiking mount Bisoke in Rwanda

Good hiking shoes to keep you stable on the tough terrain that can get really muddy in case it rains. The shoes need to be light though to prevent the burden of extra weight on you.

Rain jacket/poncho. The weather can any time so you should be prepared for rain.

What to pack for Mount Bisoke hike
Mount Bisoke hike

Warm sweater. If may need this to keep you warm especially if think temperatures can drop to below 5 degrees at the higher elevations.

Proper outdoor clothes – long pants and long sleeved shirt. The long options are to protect your body from stinging nettles and prickly plants. Proper clothing also allows easy movement of your body as you hike through steep areas.

Garden gloves to keep your hands warm and protect your hands in case you have to push plants or branches out of the way. There is a risky of touching a stinging nettle.

Sunscreen, because when it shine it is really hot and can burn your skin

 A hiking stick though sometimes it is provided during the briefing but carrying you own is acceptable and important.

 Remember to hire a porter in case you have a heavy backpack  that requires assistance

Head gear to protect your hair from particles falling off trees and also keep your head warm in the unfriendly higher elevations.

Enough Drinking water to keep you rehydrated through hike.

Enough snack to keep you energized while laboring with the challenge

Copy of your passport. This is required for your registration at the park office in Kinigi. Without it you will not be registered for the activity and you will not be allowed to join the hike.

Camera as a usual since you need to capture any moments spent on your adventure

 Insect repellant to assist you in banishing away insects

Mount Bisoke Hike Price

The price of mount Bisoke hiking permit $75 per person, which includes a park guide hired from the Volcanoes National park headquarters in Kinigi. Climbers can also hire a porter from the park’s headquarter for $20 USD, and a wooden stick can be purchased at the surrounding artistic stores. The hike begins at 7:00 a.m. from the park’s headquarters in Kinigi, where tourists purchase climbing permits.

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