When to visit

When to visit Murchison falls national park

When to visit Murchison falls national park

When to visit Murchison falls national park: Murchison Falls National Park is  an all year round destination and can be visited at any time of the year. The best experiences are got during the dry months of the year. Apparently Uganda has two dry seasons and two wet seasons. The driest begins in December and spans till February where as the drier one begins in June till mid-September.

So why should you visit during the dry season?

Just like humans, wildlife tends to take shelter during the rainy months and can be hard to spot. Your game drive will not give you lots of wildlife sights during such days. This is not the case with dry days when they roam freely around the park in huge numbers. They can be easy to spot around river banks as they search for water.

Roads are also muddy during the rainy season. Some vehicles get stuck especially 2-wheel drive vehicles. This is one of the reasons why 4×4 safari vehicles are recommended for such months. When it comes to the worst, rain might fall for the whole day causing you to miss out on some activities you had planned for.

Save Murchison Falls
Save Murchison Falls

What to expect from each season

The months of June and July usually have a lot of competition. During such months, most accommodation facilities are usually fully booked especially luxury lodges hence, you ought to make your reservations several months in advance to avoid last minute inconveniences.

The low seasons are just the opposite of this. Prices tend to drop and so does competition. It is possible to get availability several days prior. The weather might be unpredictable but if lucky, you might spend your days without a single drop of rainfall.

Even when it rains, this is Africa! the sun comes out, dries the soil and life moves on. If you are looking for the best months to visit Murchison Falls National Park, you should schedule your safari between June and July.

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