Where To See Rhinos In Uganda?

Where To See Rhinos In Uganda? The ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only place that is famously known for harbouring Rhino species in Uganda whereby it is a home to over 32 white Rhinos and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which is known to be a government agency program that has a role and responsibility of protecting all the wildlife resources in Uganda, manages it. More so, the Rhino species are considered to be among the big five animals in Uganda that have attracted many tourists to travel to the country hence promoting the tourism industry.

The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is located in Nakasongola district in the central region of Uganda and it covers a distance of about 164 square kilometers from Kampala, which is known to be the capital city of Uganda. More so, this Ziwa Rhino sanctuary covers a total surface area of about 70 square kilometers and it was officially published as a sanctuary in 2005 with an aim of conserving an area that will act as a natural habitat for the Rhino species. These Rhino species stay in an en-closed protected area with a 2-meter electric fence, which has helped a lot on reducing activities like poaching that had always led to the reduction on the number of Rhinos. More so, this Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary started its conservation journey with only about 6 rhinos and 4 of these relocated from Solio ranch in Kenya and the other two translocated from the Disney Animal Kingdom which is found in Florida in the United states of America. Tourists touring around the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary always sight see large numbers of the white Rhinos while they graze within the savannah grasslands. However, this sanctuary is not only a home to the white Rhinos but also a home to other wildlife species hence tourists exploring through this sanctuary gives individuals chances to sight see other animals like; hippos, antelopes, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys among others due to the fact that it is a home to over 40 mammal species and it has around 76 park rangers/ guides whose role is to guide tourists through as they explore around the sanctuary and also maintain a 24 hour tight security as they ensure the safety of both animals and the Rhinos.

Tourists touring around the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary have great opportunities to engage in other interesting activities where they gain new experiences and create nice remarkable memories most of the times even get to use their phones and cameras to record videos and take pictures to show their people back at home. Therefore, these activities include; guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides, canoe riding, bird watching, which makes the Rhino tracking safari most favourable for the bird lovers as they get to sight see a number of bird species, hiking, shoebill trekking and many others.

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Rhino Tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

How much is Rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary?

Tourists who have their big interests in Rhino tracking within the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary are always required to pay a fee of about 50 USD per person for the non-residents and around 40 USD per person for the East African residents,  Where To See Rhinos In Uganda?

Where to stay at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda?

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has a number of accommodation facilities that are always available for tourists who opt to have their stay within the sanctuary after their long day of tracking. However, these accommodation facilities always range differently and are in different classes for example; from budget, mid-range and luxury hence giving a chance to tourists to decide on where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget for their peace and comfort during their rest. Therefore, these lodging facilities include; Amuka safari lodge, Ziwa Rhino lodge, Nkuruba nature reserve, Zebi Eco lodge, and many others. more so, the advantage of staying at these safari lodges is that tourists are always provided with services like; free WI-FI which is always available which helps to maintain clear communications with their people back at home, free breakfast which is usually served within their rooms, laundry and ironing services, a 24 hour room service which guests to be attended to at any time they are in need of something,  free parking and they are also offered with facilities like; a swimming pool where guests who have some good swimming skills go to swim as they relax and cool off their hot day, a restaurant which serves guests with delicious meals that are either local and international and many others.

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