Which National Park In Uganda Is Famous For Ostriches?

Which National Park In Uganda Is Famous For Ostriches? Kidepo national park is the most game park in Uganda, which is famously known and commonly visited because it hosts large numbers of ostriches therefore for individuals on a Uganda wildlife safari in this country and want to see the species this national park is highly recommended on your top list. Kidepo valley national park is located in the North Eastern region of Uganda in Kabong district, it was first gazette as a game reserve in 1958, and it then later was officially established as a national park in 1962. Ostriches are the most beautiful bird species to see and there is many interesting things that would be exciting for tourists to see and some of these include;

  • Ostriches are known to be capable to run a distance of about 70 kilometers per hour and this usually happens when they are being threatened.
  • The ostriches weigh in about 180 kilograms and they are about 2.5 meters tall.
  • More so, ostriches are mainly brown in color and omnivorous birds, which feed on things like, know them; fruits, pebbles, seeds, swallow sand, flowers and locusts.
  • Ostriches are also observed and characterized because of their small heads whereby the male species are easily identified because of they are black in color, have brown eyes, white wings and have a tail feather whereby the female ostriches have brownish grey color and they are unique in a way that they take about 3 to 4 months to fully mature.
  • The ostriches are also known to hiss and boom while making sound apart from the male ostriches, which are usually noticed to hiss like lions. More so, the ostriches are strong that they are able to kick other strong predators like; lions and humans.
  • Lastly, the ostriches are categorized in two types such as; the nominate which are specifically brown and the Massaicas which are gray brown in color and they live in singles or opt to stay together in small groups and live together as a family.

 Activities to do in Kidepo National park.  

Exploring in Kidepo national park blesses tourists with great opportunities to engage in so many exciting activities which marks their tourists safari a successful one and some of these things to do like; game drives which are usually done in different sessions for example; in the morning, afternoon, evening hence giving a chance to tourists to embark on whatever time they would prefer. And during these drives they can be combined with wildlife viewing due to the fact that this national park is a home to over 76 mammal species which are always available for tourists such as; cheetahs, zebras, lions, bush duikers, hyenas, bat eared fox, elephants, leopards, buffalos, giraffes, Uganda kob, giraffes, jackson’s hartebeest, Oribi among others. more so, tourists can embark on bird watching which is best done from areas like; Namukwenyi, Apoka rest camp and others because this game park is also known to be harbouring large numbers of about 474 birds which are classified in different types such as; forest birds, migratory birds, Savannah birds and mali masai biome birds which include; golden pipit, sperb starling, verreauxs eagle, karamoja apalis, Abyssinian ground hornbill, jackson’s hornbill, white bellied go-away, scarlet chested sunbird, clapper tons and many others.

Which National Park In Uganda Is Famous For Ostriches?
Kidepo valley Ostrich

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many more things to do such as; community visits and cultural encounters where individuals get chances to interact with the Karamojong people and get to learn more about their tradition and culture and their way of lifestyle such as; observe their dress code and how they speak, what they feed on and many others.

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