Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge is a five-star luxury safari lodge located closest to the northern bank of river Nile in the northern part of Murchison falls national park. Chobe safari lodge features over 40 guest rooms, 21 luxury tents and 4 suites, a presidential suite and Florence family house. Chobe safari lodge is situated on a wide area which makes is really spacious, with an air field and a large parking lot.

Chobe safari lodge is referred to as the gem in Uganda’s crown of tourism destination; it is the best safari lodge you want to rest this vacation with your family. The lodge offers a proper panoramic view of the River Nile with the sounds of the rapid flowing water of the Nile can be you bedtime lullaby. The scene of adventure exhibited at chobe safari love will move and impress even the most discerning visitor, no doubt about that.

All the rooms at chobe safari lodge have a view of the Nile, tents inclusive. This shows the architects love and focus of the Nile. The balconies on the standard rooms is wide enough and furnished with an African crafted furniture set of two soft couches and a table to allow you enjoy your evening with the view of the Nile as you sip on your favorite house wine or any other drink like African coffee or English coffee.

The luxury tents; deluxe and standard tents, offer a true safari experience attribute to their location. The deluxe tents are situated in the extreme east side of chobe safari lodge near to the river bank still, the quietness of the surrounding is relaxing; the only sound heard around is the swash of the rapids from the Nile. The standard tents are also in the quiet west side of chobe safari lodge a little distance to the presidential suite. The elephants, buffaloes, baboons, monkeys and at times giraffes, are frequent visitors to the tent. To note; the deluxe tents are bigger decorated with very soft clean and comfortable beds with an en-suite bathroom and flashing toilet, the interior décor itself screams gorgeous and you will get the value for your money, because the deluxe experience is unmatched.

It is some distance from the main building of chobe safari lodge to the tents, however, you should not worry about that, the golf carts are always available with the driver to take you to your tent. And in the morning, it is just a call away, and the golf cart is at your door to pick you up for your new day at chobe safari lodge.

The housekeeping is so concerned about your health and mind that they will clean your room every morning; dusting the furniture, changing the linen, scrubbing the bathroom, then in the evening the house keepers will open your bed and fall the mosquito net down and also spray it for you (if at all you want it sprayed, so that you don’t get anything to worry about but to enjoy you safari get away in the wilderness.

Karuma restaurant will treat your cravings with all local and international cuisines; some days there is a buffet for lunch and a’ la carte menu dishes for the evening. Also lucky enough you might catch the pool side barbecue in one other day. The festive season if treated as one and you can always have the feel of a homemade festive period at chobe safari lodge.

Chobe safari lodge has a fully stocked bar in the lounge and a pool side bar serves you with your favorite cocktail and you enjoy the swimming pool tranquility. The main bar has a spacious lounge furnished with comfortable sofas and modern bar seats. There are also big screen TVs in the lounge connected to dstv, so you can enjoy your evening indoor sipping on your drink and watching TV. The lounge is also supplied with strong Wifi internet to help you run your online activities smoothly despite being in the deepest wild.

Chobe Safari Lodge

The health club is 100% its name, the services offered in the spa section, they are true therapeutically packaged for you, to get your mind to perfect condition, the aromatherapy is relaxing and rejuvenates the mind body and soul. The gym is facing the swimming pool and beyond the Nile. The chobe gym has won recognition by cnn as the best safari gym in Africa and ranks among the ten gyms with the best view in Africa.

The three stare swimming pool allows even person to enjoy the swimming time, the first stare is about 2meters good for the little ones, then next is good for the growing children and the big swimming pool has a deep and the shallow end to allow everyone to enjoy the wet time after the hot game drive.

Chobe safari lodge offers a unique opportunity to sample wildlife in murchison falls national park, like flora, fauna and bird life in a newly discovered area near the Nile, the giraffes are common near the airfield the baboons reach the restaurant area and the pool bar, the hippos pass by in the evening when going the graze, the elephants are common and the lone buffaloes are always spotted in the nearest distance.

Chobe safari lodge is the place you got to think of first for your lavish family retreat to the Wild Africa; recently chobe safari lodge hosted the world’s famous figure, kim and kanye. You are very welcome to chobe safari lodge any time of the year, for any event.

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