Fort Murchison Safari Lodge

Fort Murchison Safari Lodge

Fort Murchison Safari Lodge

Fort Murchison Safari Lodge is Dutch- owned nature lodge; it is owned by nature lodges, or a safari lodge situated in the northern part of Murchison falls national park; the largest protected area with the unique selection of bird species. The lodge is located in the eastern pakwach, set on the banks of the peacefully and slowly flowing Albert Nile.

Fort Murchison safari lodge is set in the former aswa lolim game reserve just a little distance from the northern boundaries of Murchison falls national park. From its premises the view of the Albert Nile is majestic, you can also enjoy the sweeping of the lush vegetation of Murchison falls national park. The view of the River Nile brings out the real essence of a vacation in the African wilderness.

Fort Murchison safari lodge, it physically explains its name because the structure revokes the well maintained put post from the Arabian times in Africa. It takes an ambient Islamic fort or a sultan’s residence way back in the historic times. Fort Murchison combines a great part of history about African, Uganda in particular, and the present time in the morocco; the structure looks like a moroccan Kasbah style roof top terrace. However it is truly historic since the ruins of the wadelai are just near fort Murchison in just a 30km distance away.

Fort Murchison is built in strategy spot; near the Nile River, and the flash of history painted on its physical appearance. The ambience of the area is enough thrilling for the visitors who book for fort Murchison safari lodge for their vacations in Murchison falls national park. Fort Murchison safari lodge is beautifully crafted with an ancient architecture designs. The big fort Murchison tower is painted with the brown colour of earth on the walls which brings out the touch of the Swahili style, so impressive.

The lodge is an affordable accommodation option in Murchison falls national park with about 12 en suite rooms. The rooms are well furnished with very comfortable beds, en- suite bathrooms supplied by hot water from the eco-solar water heaters. The accommodation at fort Murchison safari lodge is provided from the beautiful rooms and thatched tents which fit perfectly in the midrange and the budget safari plan; this provides the value for money to the guests.

Fort Murchison Safari Lodge Swimming Pool

The tents are spacious and furnished with great comfortable beds and real cotton pillows, there is also a bedside light to allow you read your favourite book as you sleep, all the rooms have a mosquito net to avoid interruption by the mosquitos. There are also enough towels in every room and additional sockets where you can charge your phone. However, the tents have shared bathrooms very clean to allow you have a comfortable shower.

The standard rooms at the safari lodge have en suite bathrooms and the flashing toilets are cleaned daily to give you a safe stay at the lodge. On the other hand, the tents are provided with squeaky clean shared bathrooms, you got nothing to worry about  sanitation, the housekeeping department does its duties right.

The restaurant at fort Murchison offers the mouth-watering dishes depending on your desire because the kitchen also prepares on a’la carte menu. The kitchen prepares and serves delicious four meal courses from the appetite provoking starters to the desserts. The hospitality is on point; the service team is cheerful and will do all to make sure that you enjoy the comfort of fort Murchison safari lodge in Murchison falls national park.

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