Murchison Falls Game Viewing

4 Days Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate Tracking

4 Days Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate Tracking Safari highlights

4 Days Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate Tracking : Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate Tracking safari allows the travelers discover that safaris to Murchison falls offer much more than the Big5 African mammals. The Budongo rainforest, to many travelers on tour of Uganda, is dormant and boring offering no more than huge trees. The travelers will walk into the rainforest and discover a beautiful wildlife that very few people have explored. The Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate tracking safari goes at length to explore wildlife in different habitats. Many travelers who have traveled on this safari have spotted all or a big fraction of the Big 5 African mammals.   

Safari activities

Day 1: Rhino tracking

The Murchison Falls Game Viewing & Primate tracking safari guide on your safari to Uganda will pick you up from your address in the morning and you set out on full day travel to Murchison Falls. An exciting walk tracking the rhinos at the Ziwa wildlife sanctuary is the perfect introduction to life experiences in the wilderness. You will do another exciting sightseeing walk at the top of Murchison falls to explore the beauty of nature given wonders of Uganda.

Day 2: Game drive, boat cruise

Rise up early, travel into the wilderness on a Murchison falls game viewing safari before sunrise and explore the wilderness before it breathes into life. You will traverse the Albertine rift, wander into the green carpet of the savannas and explore Murchison Falls; a Uganda safari destination that combines adventure, excitement and fun. Each traveler on Uganda safari into the wilderness makes unique discoveries in his own way. The afternoon boat cruise on the Nile explores beauty of wildlife in the wetlands, gives travelers on tour of Uganda an opportunity to view the falls from the bottom angle, is a welcome relief and an exciting way of adventure and relaxation in the hot temperatures of the afternoon. A brief sunset murchison falls game viewing drive after the boat cruise is a smart choice.  

 Day 3: Delta cruise, evening game viewing drive

You will go on a morning boat cruise on to the delta to explore the aquatic wildlife and make more discoveries. The boat cruise to the delta is an avenue to spot unique wetland bird species when they are out on hunt. The evening murchison falls game viewing drive will start earlier than previous day and give more opportunities to spot more game.  

Day 4: Chimp tracking, return to Kampala You will set out early morning and travel to Budongo rainforest chimpanzee tracking assembling point. Rangers descend you into the rainforest on a walk in the footsteps of moving chimpanzees. This is an opportunity to explore the rainforest and make new discoveries about a unique wildlife habitat in Murchison falls national park. You will then embark on travel to Kampala City 4-hours drive away. You will arrive in the evening and the safari guide will drop you off at an agreed address to mark end of your wildlife safari in Uganda.

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