Devil's Cauldron

Devil’s Cauldron

The devil’s cauldron is one of the most beautiful scenic views in Murchison falls national park, the Nile forces it self through a eight metres space forming a 45 meter waterfall forming into a placid stream flowing to lake Albert. The devil’s cauldron also provides a breath taking views of a rainbow. A boat ride to the bottom of the falls will provide you with closer views of the devil’s cauldron. Boat rides to the devil’s cauldron normally last for about three to four hours with endless panoramic views of the Nile Flora and fauna and the far endless park plains.

A boat ride to the devil’s cauldron will provide you an opportunity to view aquatic animals like crocodiles and hippos as well as aquatic birds. Murchison falls has also been recorded to be the strongest waterfall in the whole world found in the world’s longest River Nile. The scene of the falls is so mysterious and striking living you with an open mouth of how wonderful nature can be.

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