Domestic Flights in Uganda

Domestic Flights in Uganda

Domestic Flights in Uganda

Domestic Flights in Uganda; Uganda has spent quite a long time in the field of aviation operating domestic flights within the country and among the countries of the East African Community. Uganda’s domestic flights have been operated by the chartered flights from the different domestic air fields spread all through the country. Uganda has over 20 air fields. About 12 airfields in Uganda are owned and controlled by the civil aviation authority (C.A.A) of Uganda, and others are privately owned by companies or individuals, however, a few are also abandoned due to issues related to domestic flights and aviation.

The airfields in the national parks in Uganda are more active than the others outside and this shows that the domestic flights are mainly used by the visitors to the national parks. The airfield in the national parks include, Bugungu airfield and Pakuba Airfield in murchison falls national park plus chobe airfield. There are also some air fields in Queen Elizabeth national park such as, mweya air field and ishasha airfield. Uganda also has other small airports  including,  arua airport, gulu air strip, moyo, soroti and Kajjansi. Kajjansi is the nearest to Entebbe international airport and is like a base for the domestic flights in Uganda.

There is a major reason for the slow development of the these flights in Uganda; this is related to the price tag pinned on the air transport means. A lot of Ugandans have a stereotype that flights are expensive and only affordable by the rich people who can afford the luxuries. However, to an extent, this is true; some domestic flights are indeed expensive and not affordable by the local people, therefore, only left to be used by the visitors who come to tour Uganda and who are used to swift transport means.

Despite, there has been a big loop in the domestic flight system of Uganda. There has been a need to improve the condition of the domestic airfields on Uganda. In May 2019, the Ugandan government had been promised to be given funds by the World Bank, east African bank, to help in the reconstruction and renovation of the domestic air transport, project lead by the civil aviation authority (CAA). The fund is to also help to increase the capacity of the various airfields so that they can accommodate enough flights in a day. Hopefully, the domestic aviation is soon going to be set onto flying higher before this year ends.

The country has a number of charter flights operated domestically by chartered aircrafts, for example, aero link is known for its domestic flights to all the national parks in Uganda, fly Uganda operates flights to destinations up country; eagle air operates mainly to northern Ugandan destinations, others include the air serve limited and the mission aviation fellowship. To note, recently in April 2019, Uganda airlines got revamped with the new bombardier planes which are going to operate domestic flights in the east African region as starters. The domestic flights are scheduled basing on the season; the peak season has more flights compared to the low tourism season.

In a synopsis, the domestic flights in Uganda are available and can be another alternative to save you from the tight urban traffic jam on roads. Also air transport is fast and quick to save you from sitting for so longer going to the national parks of Uganda. Do not hesitate to book for a domestic flight to any upcountry destination in Uganda using the domestic chartered aircrafts, consult your tour operator for more details about the domestic flights in Uganda.

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